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Gastronomical ramblings

Being adventurous and ordered myself the Charcuterie - assortment of French terrines.

Food adventure @ PM24

The dreaded day had arrived. I was 23. There was no avoiding it and nothing to do but to accept it, with a heavy dose of food on the side. This came in the form of a three course dinner @ PM24 with thehouseofem, themacarondiaries and Dr. V. 

I was the first one to arrive and decided to make the most of the alone time by whipping out the iPhone and taking snaps of the venue.  

What an impressive venue it was! The attire of the waiters/waitresses, decor and the lighting coalesced into what felt like a classy and elegant vibe. The elongated layout made the restaurant feel much cosier and added to the bustling and busy atmosphere. 

ONLY when I saw the cover of this menu did it occur to me why PM24 was called such. 

The table setting. The whites, greys and transparent green was a refreshing appearance.  

Cider. Refreshing for a hot day. 

Bread basket (loved the potato sack-like covering!). 

Delicious bread. They were very warm and most likely fresh out of the oven. The outside had a nice coating of flour and was super crisp. The butter was very soft and seemed to ooze as soon as it made contact with the bread. (Aww I just made myself hungry typing this description). 

King Salmon - cured gravlax, horseradish mousse, potato blinis. 

Milawa chicken liver terrine - country toast, onion jam. 

While I can’t say that this entree was fantastic, it was different and certainly interesting… I probably should have taken note of the word “liver” whilst reading the menu. As you can see from the photo, the liver portions were not consistent throughout the terrine and some of the bites tasted more potent than others. The onion jam on its own was also very flavoursome and worked well to mask the liver taste. As long as you could figure out the correct ratio of jam to liver. It was hard to find this balance and it was only towards the end that I was able to finally get the proportions right. 

Jar of pickles. 

Optional, to eat with the chicken liver terrine. It added yet another interesting taste to the mix. 

280g sirloin - pommes frites and shallot beef jus.

The steak was very tender and the beef jus was very complimentary in taste. Beef on beef. The only criticism that occurred to me would be the lack of veggies or a salad. We got some fries on the side but I would hardly classify that as veggies. It doesn’t count!

The pommes frites. 

For fries this size, they were surprisingly super duper crunchy. A fatter version of fries, with garlic salt. Yum!!

Catch of the day. 

Paris mash. 

The mash was very fluffy and to such an extent that it probably could have passed for potato soup! This dish was some herbs short from being the perfect serve of mash. 

Mushroom melange.

Ahhh, so that’s where the herbs were. I decided to be adventurous and combine some of the herbed mushrooms with the mashed potatoes on my plate. It wasn’t too risky anyway because awesome+awesome makes super awesome. The two combined tasted delicious! 

Vanilla Grand Marnier Creme Brulee on fire!

The pyromaniacs hiding away inside each of us were wowed by the display of fire. 

The fire eventually fizzled out…

…leaving behind a delicious and vanilla-rich creme brulee with a crisp upper shell. The crack we heard as the metal spoon made contact with the shell was like music to our ears. It’s a prerequisite for all perfect creme brulees!! The top layer was hardy like a thin layer of caramel candy and not too bitter. The interior was very creamy and practically melted away in our mouths. Some tea probably would have hit the spot and help to balance out the sweetness. 

Fromage of the day. 

Overall our dining experience here was a memorable one and it was definitely one that was worthy for mourning celebrating the dawning of a new age. Perhaps memorable will take on a new meaning when we return if I can muster up the courage to try some escargots. Something to work on before two-four kicks in?

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24 Russell St,

Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.

(03) 9207 7424