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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Trunk Diner

This lunch marked our first “proper” lab lunch outing for 2012, with more than 3 lab members in attendance. On the menu: food from Trunk Diner. Despite the place being filled to the brim (typical for lunch hour I believe?), we came at the right time and were directed to two tables after a short wait of a few minutes. I wasn’t sure what I had pictured in mind, but after seeing what looked like a beer garden on the outside, I had a suspicion that the interior wouldn’t look anything like a typical American diner. 

The interior. 

Yep. Not a typical diner. No red and/or white plastic booths and definitely no traces of greasy smells lingering in the air. The clear sheets enclosing the venue helped to protect diners from the outside elements and allowed plenty of natural lighting into the restaurant. 

Fresh apple juice. 

Chorizo quesadilla - chorizo, potato, thyme, oven baked tomato and cheese.

A few of us, including myself, ordered the chorizo quesadilla. The best tasting quesadilla I’ve tried to date was a chorizo one but unfortunately Trunk Diner’s version just wasn’t comparable to that. While it wasn’t bad or anything, the flavour balance was often not right. Some bites were more cheesier than others and these other bits were often more “chorizo-y”. The quesadilla itself was perfect. The texture was very crisp and a nice crunch could be heard when cutting into the quesadilla. The only downside to the quesadilla possessing a nice crispy layer was that the process of slicing and dicing became a little messier. My tray was covered in crumbs and quesadilla specks.

The fries were good and perfectly salted.  

Chicken quesadilla - shredded poached chicken, cheddar, roast red peppers & tomato, coriander, lime.

This was another dish that was ordered by a few lab members. JP mentioned that the ingredients were complimentary to one another. But similar to what I had found with the chorizo quesadilla, there was a slight issue with balance. There always seemed to be something missing with each bite, whether it be more coriander, cheese or capsicum needed. 

The burger - 175 gram fresh ground Wagyu beef, grilled brioche, baby cos lettuce, thick cut tomato & house-made pickles. 

The good thing about deconstructed burgers is that you can put in what you like, as opposed to taking out what you don’t like. The latter often results in sauce-stained fingers! I guess it also makes the tray seem less emptier. Taste-wise the burger was okay but I think N expected the burger to be bigger than what was actually served. Even I wouldn’t have had any problems finishing off a burger that size! 

While the prices at Trunk Diner are certainly affordable (many of the options are under $10), it doesn’t equate to good-value-for-money. Especially in the case of the teeny tiny burger. Despite the just-passable dining experience, I’m still keen on trying their restaurant next door. No teeny burgers or quesadillas on that menu! 

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Trunk Diner

275 Exhibition St,

Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.

(03) 9663 7994