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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Dumplings Plus, Highpoint

I’ve been to Highpoint maybe a handful of times since the opening of its new ‘high-end’ shopping area, and during each visit, it was impossible to miss the insanely long queues/crowding outside Dumplings Plus. Which got me wondering, why? Curiosity got the best of me during my last visit, and so I decided to check out the dumplings joint.   


Still quite full at 9pm (closing time of the shopping centre). 


The glass windows surrounding the preparation area offers diners and passers-by a full view of the hard work that goes into prepping the dumplings. 

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Pan-fried dumplings, served with chilli oil and soy sauce. 

Another visit to Hutong Dumplings Bar, another serving of chilli oil wontons. 

Chilli oil dumplings