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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Albert Park Deli

Friday food adventure time! I met up with thehouseofem and we made a mad dash across the city (sort of) to meet up with goose at Albert Park. We were pressed for time as we were trying to fit in dinner into the one hour time slot we had before having to rush off to catch a show nearby. With the help of goose’s cheap eats guide, we went to Albert Park Deli, a delicatessen that also serves as a cafe/restaurant.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something about the interior that felt quite cosy.

Ps. Spot the two losers. 

Complimentary bread. Always a pleasant surprise. 

Deli burger - aged Gippsland beef burger, pickled beetroot, vintage cheddar, onion relish & fries.

Black risotto, with mushroom, baby spinach, double cream brie & truffle oil.

Thehouseofem and goose had a bite before me and seemed to really like it, so I was expecting great things as my first forkful of risotto inched closer. And those expectations were sort of dashed when I took my first bite. While the flavours were all there, fusing together to give a very rich taste, it was a tad too salty for my liking. If the dish wasn’t that salty, I would have happily downed the whole plate. 

Close up of the risotto.

Mixed seafood spaghetti, with tomato, garlic and chilli reduction & fresh herbs.

I had a bite of this and the sauce flavour was very good. Now this dish I could really rave about. It had me at the first bite! Too bad goose was sick, otherwise we could have swapped or I could have picked off more food. So nom.

I am definitely keen on eating my way through the menu, but Albert Park is so out of the way that I doubt I’d find myself in the area any time soon. But I suppose the spaghetti alone would be worth a drive up there! Spaghetti, we shall meet again, soonish preferably! 

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Albert Park Deli

129 Dundas Place

Albert Park, Victoria, 3206