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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Animal Orchestra

Animal Orchestra - another eatery close by to uni on Grattan Street if you’re bored of the food on campus. I had left my camera at home but fortunately I was saved by themacarondiaries’ iphone. I am astounded by the quality of the photos and am now even more so than before itching to get my hands on the next release. COME ON ALREADY! Anyway, back to the food:

Mushroom panini - Garlic thyme chilli confit mushroom and fontina cheese (minus the roasted almonds) The bread was nice and crispy. The mushrooms had that ‘fresh’ bounce. A decent lunch. 

Themacarondiaries’ Cream of broccoli soup.

Scones with jam and cream.

I’ve had a craving for scones ever since high tea so when I saw that they had scones on their menu, I decided to get one. Well, I’m certainly not craving them any more. 

They looked great but looks can be, and were, deceiving. There was no trace of sweetness at all. The scone itself was bland and cold, the cream was too ‘buttery’ and the jam that should have otherwise provided some sweetness was sour. Considering how excited I was about finally get some scones, this was definitely a let down. No expectations, no disappointments seems to be a very fitting remark to insert here. 

Union house food suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. 

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Animal Orchestra

163 Grattan St.

Carlton, Victoria, 3053