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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Gelato Messina

Following our burger dinner at Mr Burger, we drove over to Fitzroy for some gelato at the super-popular Gelato Messina. Here, there is ALWAYS a queue for ice cream and plenty of people around both inside and outside. Having heard much about their success in Sydney and after tasting their Cremino creation at the Melbourne stage of the Gelato World Tour event, a visit to the recently-open Fitzroy venue had been playing on my mind since returning from overseas earlier this month. 


As I said, people everywhere! 


Visitors are spoilt with choice when it comes to their selection of gelato - look out for some of the more unique flavours that stray from the typical ones. While many of their concoctions sounded delightfully tasty, one contender stood out far above the rest as a must-order. It turns out that this flavour is also their most popular sell… 


Salted caramel & white chocolate - salted caramel gelato with white chocolate chip. 

Like my previous encounter with Gelato Messina’s gelato, the texture was spot-on creamy, with some oomph factor thrown in by the chewy, cookie dough-like pieces of white chocolate that permeated the gelato. The flavour? Think gelato form of Werther’s Original candy with the slightest hint of salt. Consumers with a sweet tooth won’t have any problems with the salted caramel selection, but I struggled to get through the rest of it after the half way point. Still, I’d be happy with a smaller serving of the salted caramel gelato ANY DAY! 


The salted caramel gelato was SO GOOD that even the gelato itself was giving a thumbs up haha! 

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Gelato Messina

237 Smith St,

Fitzroy, Victoria, 3065. 

(03) 9017 5470