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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Ittenbari Ramen Restaurant (London)

Our first night in London came with two pleasant surprises - a visit from an old friend who we had not seen in the longest time, and dinner at an Asian restaurant! Finally, some relief for my Asian food cravings! 


Wandering around in search of a decently-priced restaurant around Chinatown, we came across Ittenbari Ramen Restaurant. While it wasn’t exactly the cheap price tag we see for restaurants back in Melbourne’s Chinatown, we were too hungry to care. 


Mini cha-shu don - stir fried pork, with delicious sweet and spicy sauce, on a small bowl of rice. 

It turns out ‘mini’ wasn’t quite so mini, and I was worried about how much I had to finish (I had ordered both the mini cha-shu don AND a ramen bowl). But after taking just one bite, I just HAD TO finish the whole bowl of rice. The pork was melt-in-the-mouth tender, while its flavour was sensationally aromatic. Much kudos goes to the spicy sauce, sesame presence and the sharp bite provided by the green onion. 


Seafood fried ramen - deep fried noodles, with king prawns, fresh seafood, pork & vegetables. 


Ittenbari ramen - delicious clear soup made from chicken & vegetable, blended with very rich seafood extract (mussels, scallop, shrimp and bonito). 


The ramen failed to impress me to the same extent as the rice - the flavouring of the broth was very standard, the slices of pork were slightly on the tougher side, but the noodles had a great chewy texture and the runniness of the egg yolk was magical. I discovered with my second egg half that it paired wonderfully with the spicy rice dish. Now THAT would be a dish I would happily eat over and over again. 

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Ittenbari Ramen Restaurant

84 Brewer St,

London, UK, W1F 9UB.

020 7287 1318