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Gastronomical ramblings

Cronut adventure @ Potter Cafe

After the closure of MoVida Bakery, home to Melbourne’s first lot of cronuts (or ‘dossants’), I jumped online to google an alternative source for the donut-meets-croissant pastry item… and came up with zilch. Until discovering that they were right underneath my nose the WHOLE TIME! MONTHS! Well, on the other side of uni, but close enough! 


On the very same day that K Mangz had mentioned the existence of cronuts at the Potter Cafe on uni grounds, I paid the cafe a visit, and walked away with the last two remaining cronuts - one chocolate and the other, vanilla. I should add that I didn’t finish the two on my own, but rather, they were shared between five! 


Chocolate cronut. 


Vanilla cronut. 


Checkout those flaky, croissant-like layers. 


Verdict? It tasted exactly like what you would expect of a donut-croissant hybrid; its flavour and shape came from the donut, while its texture came from the croissant. The cinnamon sugar flavour was very potent in both smell and taste, and the overall product didn’t taste overly sweet. It was tasty enough, but I personally couldn’t see what the fuss was all about. Still, it’s good to know that if I happen to ever get cravings for cronuts, they’re that close by! 

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Potter Cafe (University of Melbourne)

Swanston St, 

Parkville, Victoria, 3052. 

(03) 9347 6191