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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Thai Culinary

Looking to squeeze in a quick, cheap and tasty dinner one evening before a movie session, the ladies and I found ourselves at Thai Culinary in hopes of ticking all three boxes. 


The decor was very simple and lacklustre, but the bright, warm lighting was welcoming enough. 

The first dish came out within ten minutes, so dinner definitely ticked the quick box. 


Pad thai noodles (vegetables and tofu) - thai famous noodles, stir fried with tamarind sauce and vegetables. 


The noodles were well-cooked, and the sweetness from the tamarind sauce was nicely rounded out by the amount of veggies and tofu used. The presence of egg was minimal at best, if not lacking. 


Thai royal green curry (chicken) - thai royal green curry paste, with fragrant coconut milk and vegetables. 

While the others didn’t mind the curry, I thought the coconut milk presence was overly potent at times, giving rise to a sweeter curry that didn’t have enough spice to counter it. 


Tom yum soup (prawns). 

Now this was a dish that screamed both authentic and delicious! There was a perfect balance of sweetness to sourness, with a hearty kick of spice that came afterwards. I would have happily and easily chucked a bowl of rice into this, and consumed the whole thing myself… but the other three probably wouldn’t have been happy! 


Fried chicken spare ribs - deep fried chicken ribs, stir-fried with spring onion, fresh chilli and fried garlic. 

Finger licking good, these pieces of deep fried goodness sported everything that defines great-tasting chicken. The skin possessed much crunch, and the perfectly balanced combination of spring onion, chilli and garlic added a depth of flavour that wowed the taste buds. 

While two out of the three Thai dishes ordered at Thai Culinary did not leave any lasting memories, I suspect it may be the fried chicken dish and cheap prices that brings all the boys (and girls) to their yard! 

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Thai Culinary

433 Elizabeth St, 

Melbourne, Victoria, 3000. 

(03) 9328 3812