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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Stovetop

We’ve had quite a few lab lunches in the past few weeks, and with requests for keeping the location close-ish to uni, I’ve discovered a few more great breakfast/brunch/lunch cafes within a 5-10 minute walking distance! Stovetop was one such cafe…


The interior.

Converted warehouse, neutral tones, natural bright lighting, yada yada yada… In other words, this was another one of those very Melbourne-esque cafe! 


Selection of specials. 


Roast pumpkin sandwich (special) - with feta, hommus, tomato & herb pesto. 

NT and SP both enjoyed the abundance of complementary flavours present in their sandwiches, but thought the portion size was slightly on the smaller side. 


Ham & brie sandwich (special) - with roast tomato and spinach. 


Duck egg - baked in sauteed spinach, roast pumpkin, Persian feta, with house za’atar and toast. 


Made to order, this dish was probably the reason behind why our order ended up taking 25 minutes to come out. But it was well worth the wait. The spinach was plentiful, giving rise to a strong spinach flavour that worked hand in hand with the sour saltiness of the feta, sweetness of the tender pumpkin pieces, and the earthy aroma of the herbs and spices that made up the za’atar. The bread was toasted to a crunchy perfection, and lathered in a generous layer of butter. My only qualm would be that the egg was overcooked (no runny egg here), but this was easily overlooked thanks to the sensational flavour profile. 

With the two thumbs up given to all the dishes we had ordered during our visit, I can easily see a return to this cosy establishment taking place in the not-so-distant future. My taste buds are already looking forward to revisiting the spices and flavours of the duck egg dish…

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100 Leicester St,

Carlton, Victoria, 3053. 

(03) 9347 2010