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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Seven Seeds, take 5

A few weeks ago, Dr V and I decided to do a 12km run around the uni area in preparation for my half marathon. We then proceeded to undo some of our hard work by paying Seven Seeds a visit. Although, I must say it was totally worth it… 


Pear juice. 

Served super chilled and tasting not overly sweet, the drink was very refreshing and definitely worked to hit the spot after our run. With plenty of pear flavour in the juice, it was almost as though we were consuming a pear or two in liquid form. 


Special - baked eggs in a sweet potato and tomato ragu, with ricotta and toasted ciabatta. 


When the dish was first placed onto the table, my olfactory senses detected a familiar smell… lasagne! Upon taking my first bite of the baked eggs, I discovered that the ragu actually tasted like lasagne. The overall dish was essentially a vegetarian lasagne, with eggs and bread instead of pasta sheets. Well-buttered, I was just as taken with the bread as I was with the flavoursome, runny eggs! 


Roasted mushrooms on peasant grain sourdough, with cauliflower puree & poached eggs


The egg in Dr V’s brunch option was perfectly oozy. I had ordered the dish on a previous visit, and thought the combination of ingredients worked wonderfully; the sweetness of the silky smooth cauliflower puree complemented the earthy, tender mushrooms and runny yolk. 


We spotted the sweets cabinet as we waited to pay, and while the friands and cupcakes caught my eye, I couldn’t bring myself to do it! I guess I will just have to keep it in mind for the visit number 6. 

Just a reminder, folks: there’s still time to win yourselves the chance to attend one of David Jones’ Talk & Taste sessions (competition runs until Sunday 3rd Nov 6.00pm AEST), held in celebration of Good Food Month. For more details, click here

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Seven Seeds

114 Berkeley St,

Carlton, Victoria, 3053. 

(03) 9347 8664