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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Le Miel Et La Lune

In the mood for something breakfast-like for lunch one weekday and delegated the task of choosing the location for a lab lunch, I found myself going through quite a short list of brunch locations within super close walking distance from uni. Come 12.30pm, YHL, RM, K Mangz and I found ourselves back at Le Miel Et La Lune, having visited previously for a lab lunch that took place last year. 


One of the key features that really added to our enjoyable lunch experience during that previous visit was the cutesy and quirky interior. The abundance of natural lighting streaming through the windows enhanced the whiteness of the walls, and made the overall venue very bright. The spots of green plants added a breath of freshness. 


Lamb burger - served with beetroot relish, tzatziki and cheddar cheese, with chat potatoes, sour cream and sweet chilli. *From previous visit, but still on the menu.

According to the blokes who partook in this burger (I should mention that they ordered one each, as opposed to sharing one…), the burger was “better than Maccas.” I suppose the remark was at least slightly better than “it was alright” or “it was good”. I guess…


Fruit muesli - house made toasted fruit muesli, with poached seasonal fruits and orange yoghurt. *From previous visit, but still on the menu.

A great-tasting healthy option for those in search of something light. 


Pork belly potato hash - potato hash, sliced pork belly, enoki and shimeji mushroom, capsicum & a poached egg, with creamy sesame sauce. *From previous visit, but still on the menu. 

The combination of pork belly and potato hash sounded deadly on paper, but I couldn’t help but order it anyway. The dish was essentially a gourmet big breakfast. The hash brown, which was the star on the plate, was crispy, and aside from the aromatic fried flavour of the exterior, some of its flavour came from a pleasant peppery spice. The pork looked tasty, but I found it slightly tough and chewy instead of fall-apart tender. Though very rich, the creamy sesame sauce paired well with the potato hash in small doses. 


12 grain rice - served with fried eggs, seasonal pickle & miso sauce. 

(brown rice, white rice, quinoa, black bean, lentil, black eyes bean, green pea, yellow pea, borlotti bern, sesame seed, chia seed and cannellini bean)

RM mentioned that the miso sauce was a bit too salty. 


Prawn fish cake - served with cauliflower puree & corn salsa. 

Similar to the fritters (see below), YHL thought the prawn fish cake was bland, but enjoyed the freshness of the corn salsa. 


Sweet corn fritter - served with bacon, crushed avocado, red onion, coriander, chilli, sour cream & tomato relish. 


This time around, I wanted something lighter (but not the muesli option), and decided to order the fritters. The corn fritters were somewhat bland aside from the occasional encounters with the corn kernels, which gave rise to juicy bursts of sweetness. The tomato salsa-like relish sauce and fresh, chopped coriander definitely helped to enhance the flavours. Texture-wise, the fritters lacked crispiness, and tasted more like a savoury pancake.


A selection of delicious-looking sweets… very tempting, no? 

By appearance with its gorgeous chic interior and the presentation of their picture-perfect dishes, in addition to its great proximity to uni, Le Miel Et La Lune would seem like the location for a quickie brunch on a weekday. However, with a few flavour mishaps encountered during this occasion, brunch may just have to hold off until weekends instead. As for the desserts, I may end up paying Le Miel Et La Lune a third visit… 

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Le Miel Et La Lune

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Carlton, Victoria, 3053.

(03) 9043 9767