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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Schnitz


Following one of our many afterwork/after-uni Princes Park runs, thehouseofem and I found ourselves at the upstairs food court area of Melbourne Central, scouring through the menu of Schnitz for our post-run food fix. Spoilt with choice, it took me a while to not only read the entire menu but also to decide on what to order. 


Thehouseofem took no time to pick one of the wraps, while I finally decided on a roll. 


Fiery Turban wrap - spicy schnitzel, grilled peppers, baby cos lettuce, tzatziki, jalapeños & curried mayo. 


I tried one bite of thehouseofem’s wrap, and wow, did the Fiery Turban pack a punch of explosive flavours! The kick provided by the jalapeños and spice really jolted my system out of its post-run exhaustion! Not only did it awaken my taste buds, but I could actually feel its trail of spicy warmth move down my oesophagus! The spice was balanced out by the sweeter flavours, particularly in the mayo and tzatziki sauces, and the fresh salad ingredients. For takeaway standards, the chicken schnitzel (other meats also available) was surprisingly succulent and not at all dry. Its crumb provided great texture and crunch. 

And hey, if anyone’s interested in upping the spice ante, you can request extra chilli flakes and jalapenos for 60 cents. 


Swiss Schnitz roll - schnitzel, swiss cheese, avocado, semi-dried tomatoes, baby spinach & sweet chilli mayo. 


My roll was not as explosive compared to the Fiery Turban thanks to the absence of chilli and spice, but it still possessed plenty of flavour nonetheless. The turkish bread roll tasted freshly baked, and its fluffy and soft texture was top notch. Overall, it didn’t taste too different from the typical chicken and avocado sandwiches that can be bought from most cafes, but with the use of fresh ingredients, a well-crumbed and tender schnitzel, and a great balance of flavours, Schnitz really knows how to make the humble chicken and avocado sandwich shine. 


Schnitz chips - diamond-cut and beer-battered Tasmanian Russet potatoes, lightly sprinkled with Tom’s secret seasoning. 

Having heard much about their chips from thehouseofem and a read through of their menu (these are some award-winning chips!), I was looking forward to the chips. The real deal did not disappoint; cut and fried to perfection, these chips sported a great crunchy exterior to tender filling ratio. Flavoured with their secret seasoning, the chips tasted similar to the seasoning used on chicken flavoured potato crisps. 

With the food ready within 10 minutes or so after ordering, and its easy-to-access location, Schnitz checks the convenience box. At least the Melbourne Central one does anyway. Cheaper than the average chicken parma/chicken schnitzel meal price tag, Schnitz also ticks the affordability box. And finally, prepared using great quality ingredients, resulting in some great-tasting schnitzel combinations, Schnitz definitely provides bang for your buck! 

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Shop K264, Level 2 Dining Hall, Melbourne Central

211 La Trobe St,

Melbourne, Victoria, 3000. 

(03) 9650 6883