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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Tiamo // Tiamo 2

Following a late-ish movie session in Carlton, a walk up to Fitzroy for some liquid nitrogen ice cream, and a walk back empty-handed after seeing a large crowd at the ice-creamery, Dr V, K and I felt slightly famished. With thoughts of pizza in mind and our close proximity to Lygon St, we decided to hit up Tiamo for some Italian chow. 


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tiamo, they operate two different restaurants, Tiamo and Tiamo 2, which sit next door to one another. Despite the cooler weather, we decided to sit in the outdoors seating area so that we could order from their ‘joint menu’. 


Latte and mandarin juice. 

They weren’t kidding about the ‘mandarin’ aspect of the mandarin juice; the drink tasted like liquified mandarins. The juice was refreshing and its potency in flavour just wowed the taste buds. 


Quattro funghi - chiodini, porcini, field champignon, parmiggiano and truffle oil. 


The pizza’s crust tasted like an intermediate form that combined the traditional, thick pizza crust with the modern, crispy-thin base. The fragrant aroma of truffle oil hit our nostrils as soon as the pizza was placed on the table, and its presence could be tasted in all bites, alongside the super creamy and more-flavoursome-than-usual parmiggiano cheese. The mushrooms could be detected more so by its distinct texture rather than by flavour, and the assortment used gave rise to subtle differences in texture. 


Maccheroni della Zia - homemade pasta, with mini meatballs, eggplant, Napoli sauce and basil. 

The tender meatballs packed plenty of flavour thanks to the chopped herbs, but also due to its strong beefy aroma. Given my dislike for meats that taste overly… for lack of a better word, meaty, I steered clear of the meatballs after one bite. Aside from the meatballs, this was actually a great pasta dish. Both the pasta and eggplant pieces were perfectly cooked, resulting in bites of melt-in-the-mouth tenderness that blended in seamlessly with the rich tomato Napoli sauce. 

With just these two dishes alone, Tiamo/Tiamo 2 does well to stand out as one of the better Italian restaurants on a street that’s practically chock-full of Italian restaurants. Cravings for mushroom and truffle oil will likely see to a future re-visit, particularly if these cravings hit during uni hours. 

Tiamo on Urbanspoon


303 Lygon St,

Carlton, Victoria, 3053. 

(03) 9347 5759

Tiamo 2 on Urbanspoon

Tiamo 2

305 Lygon St,

Carlton, Victoria, 3053.

(03) 9347 0911