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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Olympic Doughnuts

You get off the train at Footscray Station and head out towards Irving St when all of a sudden, your olfactory system detects a strong aroma wafting in the air. It continues to increase in intensity until you notice the culprit of the smell: Olympic Doughnuts. Otherwise also referred to by many as ‘Footscray donuts’. 

This is the scenario that I face every time I find myself at Footscray Station, and without fail, I always end up purchasing some doughnuts! 


Whilst on my way to meet Susper for dinner one night in Footscray, I happened to walk by the station, and found myself face to face with the doughnuts. Temptation won, and out came the wallet. 


I wasn’t the only one to cave…! 


The donut. 

I’ve been buying donuts from Olympic Doughnuts since my early high school days (possibly earlier) and the taste and quality of these haven’t changed at all! The donut itself is always served freshly cooked and warm, resulting in a delightfully crisp donut shell. The powdery sugar coating adds a sweetness that makes you want to lick your fingers, while its texture brings a slight crunch that complements the crispiness of the shell. The warm jam brings a fruity touch (also finger-licking good) that works together with the sugar coating to give the donut the perfect flavour, with the right amount of sweetness. 


In the words of Homer Simpson: “mmmmmmmmm… donuts.” Which I feel in this instance should be altered to: “mmmmmmmmmm… Olympic doughnuts.” And yep, as if right on cue, there goes the salivary glands in my mouth…

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Olympic Doughnuts

51 Irving St, 

Footscray, Victoria, 3011. 

(03) 9689 4819