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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ The Vincent

Immersed in historic charm and elegance, The Vincent is an Albert Park establishment that once served as a hotel early last century and now stands as a thriving bar, pub and restaurant venue that also caters for private functions. I was recently extended the kind invitation to visit The Vincent, and would like to thank The Vincent, staff and Katherine for the opportunity to do so. 

Read on for both the details of my visit and an upcoming, special Father’s Day event that will be held at The Vincent. 


The old meets new concept is perfectly instilled in the building’s facade and the interior’s design and decor. Particular areas, such as the staircase to the upstairs floor and the Sazerac Lounge, transported me to an earlier era, while the sleek, contemporary and modern styling of other rooms kept me in the present. With the venue partly named after Vincent Van Gogh, their mosaic feature walls (individually constructed one tile at a time) fittingly gives tribute to Gogh’s art work. First and foremost, the naming of The Vincent holds historical family significance, paying homage to the owner’s great great grandfather, Vincenzo, who was the successful owner of a Pisa hotel in Italy. 


The Sazerac Lounge. 

Fun fact: Kylie Minogue had her 21st birthday here. True story. 


The Aston Room.

The room is popular with the men, who can relax here on the comfy couches with a cold one and the footy. The room is also often hired out for wedding receptions. 


On the left, the Emerald Room (located upstairs) is also available for function hire, and was home to a 70s themed event on the night we had visited. On the right is the Board Room (also upstairs), which is perfectly suited for meetings, and also can be booked. 


The Dining Room. 


Complimentary bread. 


Spatchcock Gallantine - with wild mushroom ragu and ancient grains. 

Cooked well, the spatchcock was quite succulent, but the true star of the dish was easily the mushroom ragu. Bursting with a rich, earthy mushroom flavour, one bite of the ragu will make all mushroom-lovers go weak at the knees. The mushrooms paired well with the crunchy grains that soaked up the flavour, and also added texture to the dish. Feeling full and wanting to leave room for dessert, I chose to leave what was left of the spatchcock and continued picking at the ragu. 


250g John Dee grass-fed eye fillet - served with roasted winter vegetables. 


The steak was served with an assortment of mustard condiments. 

Cooked medium rare, the steak was very tender, and the exterior possessed a sensational grilled flavour. The addition of roasted veggies on the side added a hearty winter touch. 

And here’s the shocker: J was actually impressed with his meal FOR ONCE. Instead of the usual ‘it was okay’, he mentioned that he had enjoyed eating the steak on its own, without the mustard, to savour the natural great flavours of the meat. 


Dobsons hand-cut Russet potato chips. 

There was much crunch packed into these chips, and the crunchhhhhhhhh we got in each bite was actually surprising at first. The chips were already well-flavoured from a spot of salt, but the creamy aioli was the real crowd pleaser. The potato skins added a rustic feel to the dish. 


Apple, cinnamon & raisin crumble, with clotted cream.

The apples were sweet and somewhat tart, and complemented the spicy cinnamon. The biscuit-like crumble and the inclusion of macadamia nuts and sliced almonds both added crunch, while the sweetness of the biscuits contrasted with the nutty latter. There was a nice dollop of cream on top to balance out with sweetness of the dish, but I wouldn’t have minded a scoop of vanilla ice cream instead (what I first thought when the dish was placed in front of us). 


Creme brulee du jour. 

After hearing about the specials from our lovely and friendly waiter, Simon, we couldn’t say no to the earl grey creme brulee. And the presentation was truly something else. The brulee layer was very thin, adding only a delicate sugary crunch, while the creme was quite thick but still possessed a smooth and creamy consistency. What sold me on the dessert was the intriguing flavour, but I thought that the earl grey flavour was mild and only lingered in the background. The buttery shortbread sticks added another dimension of sweetness to the plate, and could be used to scoop up the creme. In regards to both taste and texture, the shortbread paired perfectly with the creme brulee. 

J was feeling slightly cranky as he fought his way through peak hour traffic to get to Albert Park, but we both thought that the fine quality of our dining experience and the great taste of the food more than made up for his efforts! 

Disclosure: While J and I dined as guests of The Vincent, the opinions expressed in this post are based entirely on my experience and observations made during the time of my visit. 



Not sure what to get dad for Father’s Day this year (there’s only two weeks to go!)? Tired of buying socks and/or underwear? Then how about treating dad to a meaty 2 course Argentinian carvery lunch at The Vincent? After trying a quality cut of steak, I can say that their meaty meal will wow your taste buds, and more importantly, dad’s! 

"With nine local and imported beers on tap, comfy leather lounges, fireplaces and footy on the big screen, The Vincent is the ultimate Dad’s day destination."

So with only two weeks to go, do yourself a favour (there’ll be no need to stress over gift-hunting) and dad (food, free gift AND footy for him), and make a booking! 

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