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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Huxtaburger, take 2. 

Like many others in Melbourne, I am in love with the burgers served at Huxtaburger. They’re not pretty and they’re not healthy, but the taste is absolutely fantastic. My taste buds and I were glad to see that the quality in taste had not changed since my first visit, with the combination of the succulent and seasoned beef patty, creamy melted cheese, the hot jalapenos and fresh veggies in the Denise burger giving rise to an explosion of flavours that rendered us speechless after each bite. 

Adding to the Huxtaburger family was the Sondra burger; a tofu burger with sesame soy mayo. Vegetarians, like themacarondiaries, can now also enjoy the great taste of Huxtaburger! 

Lastly, we found ourselves seated at Bill’s Bar next door with a jug of lemon, lime and calpico daiquiri as we waited for our burger orders. Drinks must be ordered if you choose to be seated in this area.

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106 Smith St,

Collingwood, Victoria, 3066.

(03) 9417 6328