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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Nobu

I’m gonna start this post with a little fun fact from thehouseofem that I wasn’t aware of prior to my visit to Nobu: the Southbank restaurant is co-owned by… ROBERT DE NIRO. Whaaaat?! It was mind-boggling for my head to say the least. It turns out the restaurant is part of an empire that extends across various locations in the US (with the original restaurant in New York City), Europe and Asia! Associations with the famous actor and its global success aside, Nobu Melbourne has a stellar reputation that precedes it thanks to its use of great produce and serving of traditional Japanese dishes with flair. 


Not expecting any different given its prime riverside location within the Crown complex, the interior of the restaurant was impeccably styled and decorated. It was sharply modern, with elements that added a traditional vibe. 


Beef tataki - with ponzu and garlic chips. 


The dish’s presentation struck me as visually-stunning, and the taste was second to none. The tataki was VERY tender and seemed to melt as soon as it was put in my mouth. The ponzu sauce was quite sharp but sweet, and enhanced the natural flavours of the beef. The delicately-crunchy garlic chips brought a very subtle hint of garlic, but it was its texture that was particularly distinct. The pickled onions and fresh spring onions added to the abundance of flavours and textures already on the plate. The dish was an instant favourite, and one of, if not the best beef tataki I have eaten to date. 


Soft shell crab tempura - with avocado yuzu foam, citrus jelly, crispy seaweed and anti cucho salt. 


Again, the plating was absolutely outstanding. The soft shell crab was quite standard, possessing a light-ish and crunchy tempura batter, but it was the accompanying ingredients that really lifted the dish’s A-game. The creamy mousse-like avocado and grapefruit stole the show, with the citrusy tang from the sweet and juicy grapefruit pairing perfectly with the lemon juice mixed through the avocado. The citrus jelly exuded much juiciness. The seaweed salad was deep-fried and crunchy, eradicating all the healthy perks of a salad… but it tasted oh-so-good. You can definitely make friends with this sort of salad! 


Sushi roll selection. 


One bite of the spicy tuna had me singing its praises. The spice mixed throughout the creamy mayo was potent, and complemented the vinegary rice, nori and fresh piece of tender, melt-in-the-mouth tuna. 

The snow crab essentially tasted like the more-gourmet and less-sweet version of a seafood stick. 

Given the super-delicious lunch experience that transpired, and with our lunch barely scratching at the surface of what was one loooong menu filled with MANY selections that sounded ah-mazing, a return visit to Nobu (whether in Melbourne or overseas) is a must. 

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Nobu Melbourne

8 Whiteman St,

Southbank, Victoria, 3006. 

(03) 9292 7879