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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Station Hotel, Take 3

I am ashamed to admit this but it was only during my THIRD visit to Station Hotel that I actually ordered a steak… Feeling rather hungry and heavily enticed by the strong meaty aromas that lingered even a few doors down from the restaurant, I felt ready to tackle a hunk of meat. 



Complimentary bread and butter.

Great bread that tasted freshly-baked and was served warm. The creamy butter melted into the soft bread immediately as it was spread over with a knife, and the tasty flavour combination was elevated by the crunchy crust.  


Hervey Bay (QLD) half shell scallop, with garlic and herb crumbs.

Garlic and herbs make EVERYTHING taste better, so there were no surprises when we discovered that the buttery, crunchy, deep-fried garlicky bread crumbs paired perfectly with the tender and lush scallop underneath. 


Native Angasi (NSW) oyster, with mud crab, Chinese mushrooms, soy and mirin dressing. 

Visually stunning and equally tasty, this was truly the ultimate oyster experience. The oyster itself was fresh and rather generously-sized. The tendrils of shredded mud crab complemented the crunchiness of the thinly-sliced veggies and earthy flavours of the fleshy mushroom pieces. Much sweetness came from the soy+mirin sauce and the caviar, and the sharp flavour of the coriander tied all the components together perfectly. 

For a restaurant that’s wholly renown for their steak, the seafood was excellent, and in fact rivalled the high standard in quality and taste of the steak dishes. 


250g Sher Wagyu Ballan (VIC) 450 day grain fed Wagyu X Holstein inside skirt, with zucchini, olives and buffalo mozzarella. 


200g John Dee, Warwick (QLD) 100 grain fed Black Angus ‘flat iron steak’, served with hand cut chips, salad and bearnaise or pepper sauce. 


My second confession: not only was this steak dish the first I had ordered at Station Hotel… but it was also my first at ANY restaurant! Station Hotel did not disappoint when it came to delivering my first perfect steak dining experience. The steak was tender, the flavours were rich and the piece of meat was cooked perfectly and consistently medium. I thought the creaminess of the bearnaise sauce was too heavy, and became somewhat sickening after a few bites, but the palate-tickling spice of the pepper sauce suited the steak. Nothing beats a good mushroom sauce though, so it’s a shame that the sauce is not available at Station Hotel. A perfect steak commands only the best sides, with both the chips and even the salad living up to the expectation. The chips possessed sensational crunchiness and the balsamic+lemon dressing on the fresh salad was perfectly balanced. It appears I’ve set the bar quite high for future steak experiences…

So while I FINALLY tried a steak dish from Station Hotel, man did I kick myself afterwards for depriving my taste buds of such great-tasting steak for so long! The complimentary bread set the bar high, with this high standard in quality and taste maintained throughout the remainder of the meal. I suspect a fourth visit in the near future is imminent… 

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Station Hotel

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