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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Soul Kitchen Woodfired Pizza Truck

While not the most conventional winter warmer that comes to mind, the warmth and tastiness of a good pizza slice will go a long way when it comes to chasing away the blues on a cold and rainy night. Armed with our umbrellas, thehouseofem and I met up outside the Arts Centre one miserable Thursday night to seek solace at the bottom of a pizza box from Soul Kitchen Woodfired Pizza Truck. Open since early April, the pizza truck adds to Melbourne’s growing food truck industry, and already appears to have established quite a fanbase. 


Fireeeeeee! The heat generated from inside the woodfired oven created such a lovely smoky aroma that really lifted the flavours of the pizza ingredients. 

I would like to thank the owners for allowing me to step inside the truck to capture a few shots. Now seems like a perfect time to also mention that their friendliness and accommodating nature really added to our dining experience. Little things like stepping outside the truck+into the rain to wipe down the wet seats and bring orders over to their customers waiting under the sheltered area of the Art Centre (so that they wouldn’t get any more wet) really highlighted their attentiveness to their customers’ needs. 


Sausage - tomato, mozzarella, Berkshire pork and fennel sausage, fior di latte, Spanish onion & broccolini salsa. 

As with all their pizzas we had tried on the night, the quality and perfect ratio of ingredients used in the dough, as well as their techniques in preparation and cooking, really showed in the final products. The base was quite thin, resulting in some sensational crispiness that appeared consistently across the entire surface. Additionally, the raised crust possessed an airiness that accentuated the fluffiness of the dough and crispy crunch.

The fennel was quite pronounced in the sausage mince, and despite my strong dislike for liquorice (which bears quite a flavour resemblance to fennel), I thought it actually worked well with the pork and other fresh ingredients. In fact I enjoyed the meat so much that I wouldn’t have minded more of it. When I managed to get all the ingredients together in one bite, something magical happened…   


Pizza Verde - tomato, fior di latte, zucchini, mushroom, friarielli & basil. 

The freshness of their ingredients really shone in this pizza thanks to the abundance of veggies. I enjoyed the fact that rather than just a tomato paste, juicy bits of tomato could still be detected in their ‘sauce’. The pesto-like element added an earthy taste that brought out the natural sweetness and flavours of the salted zucchini slices and fleshy mushrooms. To the meat-lovers who believe in the saying ‘you can’t make friends with salad’, you can definitely make friends with this vegetarian-friendly pizza! 


Check out that oozy, melted cheese… There goes a stomach rumble… 


Hot chocolates. 

If the pizzas hadn’t warmed us up (they did), then these drinks would have done it. The chocolate was rich and thick, and its consistency was quite creamy. What made the drink even more perfect for me was that it wasn’t overly sweet. One sip took me straight to a warm fireplace in a cosy lodge. 


Sweetie - melted nutella & fresh strawberries. 

There are no words to describe how amazing this dessert pizza was. Despite feeling full, I simply could not resist the chocolaty temptation. 


We consumed our hot chocolates WITH the nutella pizza.

Chocolate overdose? Nah, no such thing! 


I can think of no negative aspects from our dining experience at Soul Kitchen Woodfired Pizza Truck. Great gourmet slices of tastiness and a delectable dessert, topped off with excellent customer service from two of the friendliest blokes around. Never mind that I was still a little drenched from the long walk over, but dinner had put me in such a fantastic mood that I didn’t even mind the drizzle on the way home! 

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Soul Kitchen Woodfired Pizza Truck

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