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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ The Kodiak Club

I would like to start off this post with a Happy Birthday shout out to Pamoooola, otherwise more affectionately referred to as Pam Pam by many in our friendship circle. The occasion was marked with a dinner for 14 people at The Kodiak Club. Like many who attended dinner, I was no stranger to the food on offer at TKC. Featuring an American-style menu, it’s their buffalo wings that keep us returning, and not surprisingly, the reason why Pamoooola selected TKC as the venue for her birthday dinner. 


Fitting right into the Brunswick St scene, TKC is first and foremost a bar. More specifically, they pride themselves on being Melbourne’s only bourbon bar. Although for us, we associate TKC with awesome buffalo wings rather than bourbon drinks! 


French fries - crinkle cut potato chips

No deep-fried, greasy menu would be complete without chips! Their version was very tasty, possessing the perfect amount of crisp crunchiness to tender potato flesh. I particularly enjoyed the trappings of salt/flavour and bonus crunch arising from the crinkle cut. I noticed afterwards whilst reading their menu that there is an option to serve the chips with MELTED CHEESE AND GRAVY… did someone say POUTINE?! 


Jalapeno bottle caps - Jalapeno slices, filled with cream cheese and honey, coated in a seasoned batter. 

I can think of no positive outcomes that arise from eating these; the bottle caps combine spice and dairy with a deep-frying. But while my GI tract might not be thrilled with that combination, my taste buds on the other hand had a blast. Underneath the batter layer, which resulted in a delicate crunch, the subtle sour spiciness of the jalapeno paired perfectly with the gooey cream cheese filling. 


Mac N Cheese - penne noodles smothered in a creamy cheese sauce, topped with garlicky breadcrumbs. 

It’s amazing what difference some breadcrumbs can bring to the humble Mac N Cheese dish. Standard Mac N Cheese is already quite tasty, but the addition of the aromatic garlic flavour takes it to the next level. The breadcrumbs also brought a crunchy texture that complemented the tender and soft pieces of penne noodles perfectly. Highly recommended - it was one of the first dishes to disappear!  


Shattered onion - shards of fresh, sweet onion, tossed in [their] special house-seasoned flour, and fried until crispy. Served with honey-chipotle mayo. 


The Kodiak’s famous buffalo wings - crispy fried chicken wings tossed in American hot sauce, with celery sticks and [their] homemade blue cheese sauce. 

To sum up the dish precisely: perfection on a platter (once you take away the celery sticks). Like previous visits, the wings were cooked perfectly. The wings/drumsticks remained succulent and tender, while the exterior possessed a softened crunch. The finger-licking tasty hot sauce and creamy blue cheese sauce formed an addictive flavour combination. Some greens were definitely required to balance out with the heaviness and oiliness of the wings+sauce, but I couldn’t bring myself to keep eating the celery after one bite. ECK! A few friends who have had the privilege to visit America AND try buffalo wings over there will swear up and down that the wings served at TKC come close to the real deal. 

Pretty sure we’ll all be paying a visit to The Kodiak Club before Pamoooola’s next birthday… Going by past experience, buffalo wing cravings should be kicking in within 1/2 months! 

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The Kodiak Club

272 Brunswick St,

Fitzroy, Victoria, 3065. 

0431 947 910