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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Sea Salt

I have come across many fish and chip eateries, as well as sushi bars, but never have I seen the two pair up in action. That is, until I encountered Sea Salt on Lygon St.  


The fish and chips-meets-sushi combination proved to be quite popular, with all seats occupied when me and K arrived for lunch on a Thursday afternoon. There were throngs of customers who ducked in and out fairly quickly, exiting with sushi boxes or takeaway packaging in hand. You would definitely say that business was going… swimmingly. 


The sushi selection was quite extensive. Health-nuts will be pleased with the brown rice varieties. 


Unable to secure a seat, we opted for takeaway. But whilst waiting for our orders, a table opened up, and we were able to shotgun it immediately. Huzzah! 


Fish bite catch - three fish bites, served with a side of chips. 

K had ordered this snack dish on a previous occasion, so she must have enjoyed it for her to order it again. 


Sea Salt burger - fresh fillet of fried fish of the day, cheese, salad mix, tomato and cocktail sauce, served with a side of chips. 

There were a few burgers that had caught my eye, but I decided to go with the ‘Sea Salt’. Going by its name, I figured that the burger must be one of their signature dishes. 


Most fish and chip venues serve up oil-laden foods that make you feel sick and heavy soon after consumption. However, to my pleasant surprise, my burger tasted anything but! The ingredients exuded freshness, and the combination of complementary flavours tasted very gourmet. Think gourmet version of a Filet-O-Fish with salad… The crumb on the fish was very well-textured and crunchy. The flesh was silkily tender. Instead of the typical tartare sauce accompaniment, the fish was paired with a sweet tomato-based mayo cocktail sauce. 

Aside from the taste, another wow factor of the dish came in the form of the super cheap price tag. $9.90 for such a huge burger and generous serving of chips is a great deal. But $9.90 for such a delicious-tasting burger AND huge portion size makes it the bargain of the century! 


We spotted the banner after sitting down: students get to enjoy 10% off the usual price every Tuesday and Wednesday, making their value-for-money prices even cheaper! Looks like we’ll have to pay a return visit some Tuesday/Wednesday soon…

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Sea Salt

364 Lygon St,

Carlton, Victoria, 3053. 

(03) 9347 4777