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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Giddiup

Just over a month ago, Pamooooola and I ran a somewhat gruelling distance of 15km for Melbourne’s annual Run for the Kids event. The day was particularly warm, and while some would say that it was perfect running weather, I would say bring on the clouds and overcast weather please… By the end of the run, I was not only feeling the usual discomfort from soreness and hunger, but also from dehydration. After a cup of icky blue Powerade that partially addressed the dehydration, we headed over to Giddiup in South Melbourne for our food fix.  


We arrived at 12pm and unsurprisingly, the tables inside were completely occupied. There were still a few crate spots outside and we were at least able to sit+rest our legs while we waited for a spot. After 20 minutes of waiting and no progress in sight, we decided to eat outside. We realised that our plates would be placed on a crate that had most likely housed someone’s keister earlier, but this was preferable over prolonging our hunger any longer. An order for food was placed and the waiting game resumed. 


Soy latte. 

Pamooola’s latte arrived within 10 minutes…


Green tea. 

… but the tea took 25 minutes. And if I thought that the wait for boiling some water took long enough, I had another thing coming when it came to the food. An hour’s wait for food on any day is enough to get me a little annoyed, but after only two bananas for breakfast and a 900 calorie output? Needless to say, we weren’t feeling the least bit chipper. 


Avocado, goats cheese, sea salt, olive oil & lemon on multigrain bread. 

Pamooola immediately noticed that the avocado and goats cheese wasn’t served on multigrain bread as described in the menu. Instead, they were served on the same ciabatta bread that cropped up in the baked eggs dish. I tried a mouthful and thought the dish brought exactly what was stated, with nothing standing out as a wow factor. There was perhaps a bit too much avocado for two slices of bread. 


The egg was perfectly poached. 


Northern eggs (baked eggs with toasted ciabatta) - two baked eggs, spiced tomato & paprika baked Northern beans. 


The eggs were served piping hot, and without realizing this (I ought to have learnt my lesson by now), I placed an entire forkful of saucy beans into my mouth… burning my tongue in the process. Fortunately, I did not kill all of my taste buds, and was able to taste and enjoy the rich herbed and spiced flavour from the tomato sauce in the bites that followed. The ciabatta bread was toasted perfectly, and the crunchiness from the crust brought some texture to the dish. As with the smashed avocado dish, the eggs in this dish were also perfectly cooked, with the egg yolk oozing out immediately after the slightest pierce. 

The mushrooms were disappointing: great flavours but they were served cold. They didn’t even make the cut for the lukewarm category… 


Giddiup horsey!

From our hungry states and what sounded like one tasty selection of food, we had high hopes that Giddiup would take our taste buds on one wild ride. Perhaps we came on a super busy day, but after too long a wait and too few hits with the food, the horsey failed to take us anywhere amazing. 

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269 Coventry St,

South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205. 

(03) 9682 8820