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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Carte Crêpes

Hi, my name is Maggie and I’m a NCD. Non-coffee-drinker. Which is a shame since Melbourne is a city that prides itself on offering some of the best-tasting coffee. I generally do okay minus the perks of caffeine, but there are days when getting through the afternoon hours with my eyes open and brain functioning are particular difficult to achieve. It’s days like these where a visit to Carte Crêpes provide just the pick me up I need to beat 3-o’ clock itis.


The crêperie is located on the side of South Lawn that’s closest to Grattan St. For the folks who are not familiar with the campus: enter gate 10 from Grattan St, walk straight towards the stairs that lead up to South Lawn and turn left before reaching these stairs (ie. after walking underneath the arch way). Open for quite some time now, the stall used to be more ‘cart’-like but has since undergone a renovation to become a more permanent fixture.  


For the coffee-drinkers, they also make coffee! Other beverages included tea, hot chocolate and juices. 


The crepe production process. 


Salted caramel crepe & Nutella crepe. 

On this particular occasion (there have been several), we ordered a salted caramel crepe and Nutella crepe. I have only recently jumped on the salted caramel bandwagon, so I thoroughly enjoyed the salted caramel experience captured in their crepe. Spread onto the warm and freshly cooked crepe, the oozy salted caramel melted further. It essentially tasted like Werther’s Original candy in crepe form. There’s also a Snickers option, which combines salted caramel, chocolate and nuts! 

Not a fan of salted caramel? Well, you can’t go wrong with the basic Nutella option, especially when paired with strawberries or banana! Understandably so, this seems to be the most popular option; they have over 20 jars of Nutella!! 

All this talk has left me with a serious hankering for crepes, and with 3 o’ clock looming, it’s likely that I will be paying the crêperie another visit today! 

Carte Crêpes on Urbanspoon

Carte Crêpes

The University of Melbourne

(Behind John Medley West Building, Grattan St, Gate 10)

Parkville, Victoria, 3052.