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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Beatbox Kitchen, take two

The SHROOM burger VS. the Raph burger. 


After first trying the Raph burger, a 170g hunk of flavoursome beef patty wedged between two soft burger buns and the freshest of veggie ingredients, a return visit to Beatbox Kitchen for their apparently-tastier Shroom burger has been in the books for quite some time. 

With an available slot in our schedules one Monday night, Susper and I hightailed it over to Victoria St in Brunswick. The popular Shroom burger had sold out the last time we had visited and we were determined to get our hands/mouths on the burger this time around. As we approached the truck, our eyes were fixated on the side of the truck keeping an eye out for that ‘sold out’ sign… To our relief and joy, there was no sign!

We immediately placed our order for two Shroom burgers and waited 10 minutes for our food. The truck was located right next to the park and we were able to take advantage of the great location and sunshiny weather by eating outdoors at the park instead of Susper’s car. A shorter walk to the park compared to the mini trek to Susper’s car also meant that we could eat much sooner! 


What’s in the bag, in the bag? What’s in the bag today? 


Shroom burgers, that’s what! And fries.


Fries and tango mayo. 


Shroom burger. 

I had waited a long time for this moment, picturing the taste and that first bite pan out in so many different ways. The risk of disappointment was certainly there given the hype and consequently, my great expectations but from first bite to last, the Shroom burger was far from disappointing. Similar to the Raph burger, the ingredients oozed of freshness and quality. The bite from the red onions and the sweetness of the tomato, nestled amongst the crisp lettuce, melded well with the earthy and rich flavours of the portobello mushroom. The mushroom was super juicy and tender, and resulted in a soggy mess at the bottom of the foil packaging. Chances are you’ll be eating fast anyway given the tastiness of the burger but minimising the sogginess of the bun is another reason to do so. 

As for whether the Shroom burger beats the Raph burger in this battle showdown for top burger bragging rights? It’s hard to say… It’s been too long since my last (and first) Raph burger to make a definite conclusion. Oh well, I suppose this calls for yet another visit to Beatbox Kitchen! 

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