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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ White Guy Cooks Thai

The food truck culture seems to be expanding quite a bit in Melbourne, with some new trucks hitting the scene in recent times. My food truck encounters so far have taken me to the inner-northern and inner-southern areas but never the western suburbs. That is until White Guy Cooks Thai came along. Meow meow, who is also a fellow west-sider (that’s my queue to do that funny W sign with my fingers), first mentioned driving by the truck in the Footscray area a few months earlier and it has since been put on my to-visit list. 

Its location in Seddon one Friday night provided J and I with the opportune moment to pay the truck a visit. 


While we weren’t surprised by the long queues (you get them with all the other food trucks, ESPECIALLY on a fine day), our rumbling tummies weren’t too happy. 

Parked right next to the park at this particular location, most customers were happy to take their orders here for an impromptu picnic. The thought had crossed our minds, but J was more tempted by the Korean movie he had waiting for him at home. 


After a 25-minute wait for the food, which I thought was actually quite quick compared to some of the waits I had previously endured, we headed back to J’s place. There were a few near-misses but the food made it back to J’s place without any mishaps and I avoided a scolding that would have transpired had there been a spillage


The food looked sensational. One look sent my stomach into a rumbling mess but photos first! 


Chicken and water chestnut gyoza - with soy and lime dipping sauce. 

The good news here is that the gyozas tasted every bit as crunchy as they had looked. Crunchhhhhhhhh. A deep-fried perfection, the dish featured thin gyoza skins that possessed an airy sort of crispiness. The well-minced chicken filling was quite sweet and a pleasant contrast to the skin in regards to both taste and texture. A spicier kick to the accompanying sweet soy dipping sauce wouldn’t have gone amiss but otherwise, no complaints. 


Crispy prawn banh mi slider & Pork belly banh mi slider. 

I’m a sucker for most things mini and will always order a banh mi slider whenever encountered on a menu. Unable to choose between the pork and the prawn, we decided to order both. 

The batter on the prawns was quite sparse and thin, and consequently did not taste too heavy. The batter was slightly salted but its flavour was immediately lost in the presence of the other ingredients in the banh mi. The creamy mayo (CREAMIER than what you normally encounter in Vietnamese bread rolls) and the freshness of the coleslaw stood out as the stars of the show. 

The potent sweet and spicy flavours in the pork belly more than made up for the blandness of the prawns. They worked very well with the creamy mayo. The pork belly was sliced up quite thinly and the thinness made the pork even more crispier. An additional crispy element came in the form of the Asian coleslaw salad. The pork belly easily trumped the prawn and I now know which option I will be going with next time around! 


Crunchy sweet corn fritters - with avocado cucumber relish and chilli jam, served with rice and Asian coleslaw. 

The aroma that wafted from the fritters was sensational and I had high hopes even before I had sunk my teeth into them. The real deal fell a little short. The curry-like spice used in the fritter was quite distinct and tasted somewhat bitter, but the sweeter corn kernels and relish helped to restore some balance between the flavours. The zest and what I thought was a lemongrass taste in the avocado cucumber salad added oomph and a refreshing zing to the overall dish. They weren’t the best corn fritters I have tried to date but they definitely weren’t bad, especially after taking into account the fact that they had been whipped up in a food truck! 


Garlic and black pepper soft shell crab - served with green papaya salad and Asian coleslaw. 

Given how tasty the entrees were, it was slightly disappointing to encounter yet another so-so main dish. The garlic and pepper combination revealed a different but still equally-as-tasty side to soft shell crab. The batter itself wasn’t as delicate or textured as it should have been and consequently brought down the dish. 

As you have probably gathered by now, these white guys (yep, they were white!) cook more than just Thai food, serving up a variety of dishes from a number of Asian countries. But I suppose ‘White Guy Cooks Asian’ doesn’t have quite the same ring. With our dinner providing us with some hits and minor misses, a menu that changes quite frequently and close proximity to our end of town, we will be seeing the White Guy again some day soon. 

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White Guy Cooks Thai

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