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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Wonderbao, take 2

Since first trying Wonderbao’s custard bun in September last year, my cravings for them have become much more frequent. It is therefore surprising that it has taken me so long to return but clashes in my busy schedule with their opening hours meant that it was near-impossible to visit. I’ve since had custard buns from other establishments and have even made them at home, yet still my thoughts wander to THE custard bun from WB. Enough was enough and I decided to make the trip into the city one Tuesday after work, and was joined by Dr. YHL. 

We made it just before their closing time of 6pm (YES!), which meant no queues and barely any wait time before we received our food. 

The custard buns were definitely on the to-order list but after spotting a sign on their counter with mention to a mushroom gua bao that seemed to be available for only a limited time, that too became a must-order. And since I needed something to wash down the baos I was planning to consume, a soybean drink was also ordered. 


Our goodies. 

The cold soybean drink was very refreshing to drink, especially on a warm day. It wasn’t too sweet, which made it quite enjoyable at first. However after taking a swig of the drink FOLLOWING a bite from the custard bun, it unfortunately tasted quite bland. Too bland. 


I ended up ordering an additional two taro buns and a custard bun to take away for mum. All you need to do is pop them in the microwave before eating and they’re good as new! Mum was very impressed with the not-too-sweet-but-with-the-perfect-amount-of-sweetness taro filling and the fluffy airy texture of the bun. 


The custard bun. 

Verdict? The texture was spot on and the bao+silky custard filling was still as tasty as I had remembered it. 


Fried oyster mushroom gua bao - tossed in garlic & chilli flakes, and coriander, with kewpie mayo and sweet chilli sauce. 

I had high hopes when I first read the description and these expectations were cemented when I laid my eyes on the bun. Fortunately, the real deal did not disappoint. The tender and chewy mushroom was wrapped in a delicate and thin layer of batter. The combination of flavourings complemented the subtle sweetness of the bao and brought out the natural flavours of the mushroom. It was by far my favourite bao out of their savoury options, right up there with the custard bun! 

Custard bun cravings were satisfied but given the limited time stamp on the AMAZING oyster mushroom gua bao, a return visit to Wonderbao will need to be fit in much sooner than anticipated… before the end of February! 

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Shop 4/19

37 A’Beckett St,

Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.