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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Ladro Greville

If anyone knows good food, it’s Chugasm. After a brief hiatus from the food adventures, Chugasm bounced back with a suggestion to try what he referred to as Melbourne’s original thin crust pizzeria. While Ladro number one is located in Fitzroy (called Ladro Gertrude), we opted for Ladro number two, Ladro Greville, in Prahran thanks to its closer proximity to Casa Chugasm.  



The venue possessed all the workings of a converted warehouse but with a few added tweaks that exuded quirkiness and charm. The natural lighting that streamed through the floor to ceiling glass windows, together with the black colour in the frames and done up ceiling worked very well with the creamy plaster and exposed brick walls to provide the interior with an air of suaveness.  

Whilst waiting for themacarondiaries’ arrival, Chugasm and I decided to quell our rumbling tummies with an entree. After going through their selection, several caught my eye and I was almost tempted to forgo the pizza altogether and choose a few entrees to chow on…

On another note, Chugasm had a ‘great time’ deciphering the menu and frequently had to pull out his phone to look up a particular ingredient. 

Chugasm - “It’s like going to a restaurant in Springvale and there’s no English on their menu!” 


POP prawn - king prawn, crumbed in popcorn with prawn cocktail sauce. 

Popcorn and prawn, who would’ve thought? Hunger lead to me envisioning the dish that was soon to come out but even my imaginings did not compare to the real deal. I was immediately captivated by the visually stunning presentation of the dish. In regards to taste, the crunchiest of tempura prawns that I have ever tried do not compare to how crunchy the pop prawns were thanks to the popcorn batter. The cocktail sauce was quite sweet at first and gradually faded to give way to a subtle but lingering spicy tickle. 

With a name like POP PRAWN, it is only fitting that I say something along the lines of: one bite had my taste buds celebrating in delight prawnto! 


Our pizzas. 


San Daniele pizze - fior di latte, bufala, onion & proscuitto San Daniele Reserva. 

Chugasm was tossing up between two pizzas and ultimately went with the San Daniele after the waitress recommended it. There’s a reason why she recommended and we soon found out that the pizza was absolutely delizioso! But first thing’s first, let’s start with the all-important pizza crust; it was thin, crisp and reminded me of thickened lebanese bread. Great to bite into but I had a tough time cutting into the crust using the cutlery. To say my right cutting hand got a serious work out would be an understatement.

The proscuitto flavour was not too strong or salty (just right for my liking) and matched perfectly with the sweet onion and various mozzarella cheeses. 


Patate pizze - fior di latte, taleggio, rosemary, truffle oil & basil. 

You know you’re in for a real treat when truffle oil is included in a dish’s description. We could practically smell this pizza from a mile away, with a strong and sensational truffle aroma reaching our nostrils as soon as this dish was placed on our table. As expected, the truffle oil taste was instant. With the inclusion of potato slices, resulting in a massive bombardment with carbs, get ready to pace yourselves with this pizza and a food coma. Stuffed you will feel, but the tasty truffle oil+herb flavours will convince you to keep going. 


Boscaiola pizze - fior di latte, porcini, field mushrooms, thyme & basil. 

The mushroom flavour was quite strong but the overall flavour was considerably light compared to the other two pizzas. Given the generous amount of mushrooms used, I was able to move some of the mushrooms onto the potato pizza; TRUFFLE OIL + MUSHROOMS = MEGA NOM. 


Patate - steamed King Edward potatoes with shallots, capers, baby fennel and extra virgin olive oil. 

Ladro’s potato side dish takes potato to the next level. The potatoes were tender and drizzled in oil. An abundance of aromatic flavours came from the accompanying herbs. We probably shouldn’t have ordered the potatoes because we ended up struggling to finish our pizza mains. The pizzas don’t sound like much (especially when you’re feeling super duper hungry) but the richness of the ingredients with the carb-laden crust will fill you up!

After one too many dining-out occasions in the week we visited Ladro, including a burger degustation held the previous night, I was not looking forward to chasing all that with a heavy pizza sitting. Unexpectedly, dinner at Ladro Greville turned out to be significantly lighter than anticipated and very enjoyable. The seemingly minimal and basic ingredient combinations of each pizza went a very long way to provide a rich but balanced flavour that did not leave you feeling as though you had just clogged your arteries. With such a positive dining experience at Ladro #2, I can only imagine how great a food adventure at the original establishment in Fitzroy would turn out… 

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Ladro Greville. 

162 Greville St,

Prahran, Victoria, 3181.

(03) 9510 2233