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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Shyun

Fact: Koornang Road is home to one of Melbourne’s tastiest and cheapest Japanese eateries. The rest of Melbourne may not know it yet but going by the crowd on a Wednesday night, most of the local population are probably well-aware of this fact. 

As with many of the other Koornang Rd restaurants, Shyun was completely full. We (thehouseofem, themacarondiaries and myself) thought we’d try our luck anyway and asked one of the waiters for a table. Little did we know that there was also a back room with a corridor connecting the two rooms. What’s the relevance of bringing up the corridor you ask? Well, they’ve made great use of the available space by cleverly fitting the narrow corridor area with a row of tables and seats! Our quest for a table was met with success when they directed us to a table in the back room. 

The back room takes a detour from the wooden and tradition outfit of the front room and sported a more modern black and white on wood theme. The assortment of lighting was particularly noticeable.

Create your own bento boxes with Shyun! In addition to the usual noodle and rice dishes on offer at Japanese restaurants, Shyun also has a create-your-own bento menu. Diners who go with this option can choose up to 3 dishes to accompany the base (comprised of rice and salad). With such an extensive selection, there is something for everybody! (Although it did take us a while to decide what to order!)

A custom bento with teriyaki tofu, miso katsu pork, and tempura prawn & vegetables. 

Despite being a side dish, the potato salad included in the bento set shared the limelight with the main dishes. It possessed a velvety smooth mashed potato-like texture, with bursts of onion flavour that spruced up the mayo/potato mix. We were very excited to learn that the salad is available as a separate entree and will definitely order at least one serving next time! 

The appearance of the tempura-battered veggies was quite distinct from the usual tempura fare; the veggies in Shyun’s version instead clustered into a single okonomiyaki-like pancake with a deep-fried, crisper batter. It was so crispy that it made normal tempura batter seem healthy in comparison! 

The pork katsu was extremely well-crumbed and resulted in a very crunchy and textured shell. While there was nothing wrong with the miso sauce, a spicier flavour would have been preferable.  

The skin-like exterior of the teriyaki tofu was very thin and elastic. Soaking up much of the teriyaki sauce in which it sat, the flavour of the exterior was quite potent but balanced perfectly with the comparatively bland tofu interior.  

Question: what if you can’t decide between any of the bento selections?

Then go with their ‘Deluxe Bento’. 

Deluxe bento - tempura prawn & vegetables, teriyaki chicken, grilled salmon with miso sauce, 2 rolls, and salad. 

Fact: whilst writing this post, this blogger’s stomach rumbled a few times. It’s a testament to how tasty the food is at Shyun. With the added perk of being super affordable, a visit to Shyun is a must for lovers of Japanese cuisine. 

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126 Koornang Rd,

Carnegie, Victoria, 3163.

(03) 9569 6530