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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Guzman Y Gomez

Mexican cuisine really seems to be the Melbourne’s next current big thing, with Mexican restaurants popping up all over town like rabbits. In addition to the restaurants, ‘gourmet takeaway’ brands like Salsas and Mad Mex have also made a name for themselves in the business as quicker, cheaper and tasty sources of tex-mex cuisine. A more-recent addition to this group comes in the form of Guzman Y Gomez. 

Located on level one in the entertainment precinct of Highpoint, Guzman Y Gomez is in an ideal location to lure in customers tossing up between which restaurant to eat at and cinemagoers before or after a movie. 

The color scheme was very well put together and in combination with the woody tones, they seemed to convey a fresh and environment-friendly atmosphere. There were plenty of seats about on a Wednesday night, but I can see the place completely filled on a Thursday or Friday night. 

GYG’s famous nachos - corn chips, cheddar cheese, vegetarian black beans, Pico de Gallo salsa and guacamole.

Quite decently-sized, the nachos were large enough to share between four people. The topping amount was also very generous, so be sure to eat this quick to avoid a soggier mess (more so than usual) at the bottom. 

Pork chipotle quesadilla - slow roasted pork in GYG’s spicy Chipotle marinade, with Pico de Gallo and Tomatillo salsa.  

Steak chipotle quesadilla - BBQ steak in GYG’s spicy Chipotle marinade, with Pico de Gallo and Tomatillo salsa. 

Both quesadillas were very similar, save for a subtle difference in the flavours and texture of the meats. Their prices were significantly less than what you normally pay for a quesadilla but that’s because their version was essentially a flattened and toasted soft shell taco (as opposed to two tortilla layers).

As a side note, I LOVED the presentation of the food on newspaper print paper, which provided a fish and chips takeaway feel to the dish.  

Spicy chicken guerrero taco - grilled chicken in GYG’s Guerrero marinade, with Pico de Gallo and Tomatillo salsa. 

Pork chipotle taco - as described above. 

I found both tacos to be quite similar to the quesadillas except for an added crunch thanks to the hard shells. Given the similarities in flavour, it was a tough call to pick out a favourite, but it would probably be the pork chipotle. The slow roast cooking culminated in very tender pulls of pork, with bursts of spicy chipotle flavour that matched perfectly with the tomato salsa and fresh cheese. 

It’s almost always surprising whenever a ‘faster food’ establishment churns out food that’s on par with the quality seen at a restaurant. But this has indeed been the case with Mexican takeaway time and time again, with the dining experience at GYG being no different. And just like its older siblings Salsas and Mad Mex, there will soon be more than one GYG around, with one opening in the CBD in the near future. Mexican rabbits indeed…

Guzman Y Gomez Mexican Taqueria Highpoint on Urbanspoon

Guzman Y Gomez Mexican Taqueria

Level 1, Shop 1105, Highpoint Shopping Centre.

200 Rosamond Road,

Maribyrnong, Victoria, 3032.

(03) 9988 1401