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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Spilt Milk

One morning/afternoon, thehouseofem, pamooola and myself ate a Rhino, Zebra and Sheep for brunch. I’ll bet that got some eyebrow raises but you can rest assured that we did not go out on a safari/hunting trip to Africa and … an Australian farm for our meals. Instead, we brunched at Spilt Milk where the dishes have been named after a particular animal. 

From the animal names assigned to the dishes to the cute Ikea-like decor, everything about Spilt Milk screamed adorable. 

Even the baked goods have animal names! 

Some coffees for thehouseofem and Pamooola. 

The ‘Rhino’ - Baked jack of potato, with butter, corn, sour cream, tuna, chives & chilli jam. 

The ‘Zebra’ - Olive sour dough with onion jam, baked bacon, avocado & ricotta. 

The ‘Sheep’ - baked eggs served in a pan, with sun dried tomatoes, fresh spinach, feta, sour dough bread & chilli jam. 

First thing to note: a sick blogger makes a lousy blogger. My olfactory system and taste buds were far from optimal working conditions but I was able to detect some of the flavours in the Sheep. The sour dough was perfectly grilled and crisp, and the butter melted as soon as it made contact with the bread. The sweet capsicum and chilli jam paired perfectly with the butter and the flavours were potent enough to detect through a blocked nose. The eggs yolks were perhaps a little too well-cooked for my liking but when eaten with the other ingredients, the state of the egg yolks isn’t noticeable. Enjoyable even whilst sick, I can only imagine how much tastier the ‘Sheep’ would be minus a blocked nose. 

Open for no more than 5 months now, Spilt Milk is a recent addition to Carnegie’s dining scene. Cosy and charming? Tick. Friendly and efficient customer service? Tick. Great food for insanely great value? Forking out no more than $12 per dish, that’s a BIG tick in that department. Given the proximity to thehouseofem’s place and our positive eating experience, a return visit to Spilt Milk is inevitable. 

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Spilt Milk

288 Neerim Road,

Carnegie, Victoria, 3163.

(03) 9571 8880