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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ The Burger Lounge

Far, FAR away in the suburb of Eltham (I guess not far for the locals) lies a burger heaven that aptly goes by the name of The Burger Lounge. One Sunday afternoon, Kml and myself went on a 45-minute drive over to Eltham (I SAW THE END OF THE NORTHERN RING ROAD FREEWAY) for what I thought were ‘just’ some burgers. But I soon discovered that their burgers weren’t just any ol’ regular burgers. 

We arrived to quite a full restaurant save for a few odd seats here and there at tables already occupied. Outside seats were completely filled thanks to a rare spot of sunny weather. Thoughts of eating in the car started to cross my mind. Fortunately we had arrived at a good time because we soon spotted four side-counter seats right at the back, which soon became two seats thanks to a speedy shot gun. 

The interior was quite spacious, which made the crowd turnout even more impressive. I have never seen such a busy restaurant for a location so far from the city centre. With a modern-themed decor and a large shared table towards the front with cushy seatings that provided elements of a lounge, The Burger Lounge is the most stylish burger establishment I have encountered in all of Melbourne. 

The kitchen: where the tasty burgers are made. 

Crumbed Chicken - 100& free range Lilydale crumbed breast fillet, Swiss cheese, honey mustard mayo, caramelised onion, lettuce, tomato & herb aioli. 

Regular thick herb chips. 

I’ll try get through this tasty burger description without breaking into poetry! Let’s start with the bun: a toasted panini that was perfectly toasted to provide a sound crunch but not to the point that the centre of the bun becomes dried out. The softness and freshness in this panini remained detectable. The chicken schnitzel was crumbed and crunchy to such an extent that I wouldn’t be surprised if they had fried it twice. Between the schnitzel and the toasted panini, there was some serious crunchy action going on in this burger. The schnitzel was plain on its own and was somewhat like eating chicken nuggets without sauce. But the accompanying ingredients such as honey mustard AND herb aioli, sweet caramelised onions and fresh veggies provided the perfect pairing. 

Lounge Signature Burger - 100% prime organic beef patties stuffed with Havarti cheese, basted with a balsamic glaze, picked cucumber, red onion, lettuce, tomato, relish & herb aioli. 

*Note. no cheese for KML. 

"KML, excuse your french!" Let’s just say quite a few expletives came from KML during her burger chow down. 

If anyone is picky when it comes to burgers, it’s KML. But this burger seems to have met, if not exceeded, her expectation of what defines a good burger. She was very impressed from the first bite to the last and noted that the flavours were quite potent, hitting her immediately in that first bite. The beef was also very well-flavoured and in contrast to most burgers that rely on accompanying ingredients for maximum flavour, the patty was tasty enough to be eaten solo. 

The herbs on the chips tasted very similar to Grill’D chips but the majority of the chips were more crisp in comparison. Nom! 

Not only do they do an extensive range of burgers and sides, which include fries, thick chips and onion rings, but they also do dessert! Macarons, ice-cream and Albanian donuts… Is there anything that this place doesn’t have?! We were pressed for time so KML grabbed two scoops of ice-cream to go. With a great dining atmosphere and superb burgers, the only negative aspect that comes to mind is how far out of the way The Burger Lounge is for many of Melbourne’s residents. But despite the 1.5hour-commute to and from, the burgers at The Burger Lounge are definitely worth the drive! 

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The Burger Lounge

902 Main Road,

Eltham, Victoria, 3095

(03) 9431 4500