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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Yim Yam Thai Laos

In the mood for some Thai food one Saturday evening whilst in the Laverton area, J and I decided to make a 20 minute trip to Yim Yam Yarraville. Only to be greeted with a full restaurant and what would have been an hour wait for a table. Hungry and hence definitely not in the mood to wait, we decided to go with the “quicker” take away option. With at least another 10 customers also waiting for takeaway, in addition to the eat-in patrons, we ended up waiting another 30 minutes for our food (plus a 20 minute drive back home and 10 minutes to reheat the food). For those of you doing the maths, this was unfortunate for J because being super hungry makes me a little cranky.

Moral of the story for those intending to eat at Yim Yam: call ahead to make a reservation (seating is very limited) or place an order for take away. This is especially prudent on a Saturday night.  

FINALLY! Dinner time at 9pm.  

Thai pancakes - sweet shredded dried pork, with coriander and mild chilli. Wrapped in Yim Yam’s special light pancake. 

These were scoffed down whilst waiting for our food to reheat. The pancake was indeed light and unexpectedly, more sweet than savoury. Pleasant enough to eat but I thought that there was an element missing. Perhaps some more spice or stronger flavoured-fillings to counter the sweetness of the pancake? 

Tom yum mushroom soup.

Thai green curry. 

The tom yum soup was quite mild but still very enjoyable, especially when eaten together with spoonfuls of white rice. The assortment of juicy mushrooms provided a tasty alternative to the usual prawn tom yum soups I order.

The green curry was perhaps a little too oily for my liking but easily fixable with a soup spoon used to remove the excess oil floating on the surface. 

Tofu chilli and lime leaf stir-fry. 

Pad Thai prawn noodles. 

The tom yum soup, green curry and pad thai are all dishes that I have eaten plenty of times before but the tofu stir fry was a first. It is only the subtle flavour differences in the sauce that distinguish this dish from other vegetarian stir fries I’ve tried in the past. A decent serving of fresh veggies and tofu, but nothing that left a lasting impression. The angry red colouring of the sauce was perhaps a little deceptive; the chilli presence was quite minimal and resulted in only a mild spiciness overall. 

As for the pad thai? Same same. But… no different. (Picked up that one ‘Tinglish’ phrase whilst in Thailand and saw the fitting opportunity to use it!) 

The dishes served at Yim Yam possess authentic Thai flavours that are found in almost all the other Thai restaurants in Melbourne, and even in Thailand! Being one of only a few Thai restaurants on the west, its ‘same same’ menu seals Yim Yam’s fate as a reliable go-to restaurant for Westsiders in the mood for some Thai cuisine. 

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Yim Yam Thai Laos

40 Ballarat St,

Yarraville, Victoria, 3013. 

(03) 9687 8585