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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Burch & Purchese

After a very filling brunch, Jma and I had enough space in our tummies to fit in just a little more food. Seeing as we were only two blocks away, we decided to fill in the remaining space with a sweet treat from Burch & Purchese. As a true gem in the dessert industry, there is quite a bit of hype surrounding the desserts that carry the B&P name and I was super excited about finally getting my hands on some. 

Behind the white-bricked exterior lies a world of magnificent creations and practically all things sweet. 

Lickable and edible Alice in Wonderland canvas. Hmmm, I can’t imagine eating such a work of art… 

Touted as a dessert studio, there is much to see. From the displays that capture the chef’s ingenuity and creativity to the glimpses of the hard workers in the kitchen area. You could even say that the B&P experience was sort of like visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Minus the creepy-looking Oompa Loompas… 

Note: If you look very closely at the photo on the right in the back corner, you’ll be able to spot Kylie Millar, a contestant who made it to the top 6 of the 2012 season of MasterChef, working her magic. It was difficult to discern which was more exciting: meeting Kylie or getting to try some B&P desserts. To say I was starstruck is an understatement!  

Just a few of the items that customers can purchase: jams, chocolates, cake pops, cakes and smaller servings of desserts such as mousses and eclairs. Although at B&P, a mousse isn’t just a mousse. The eclairs aren’t just the eclairs… All their desserts seem to feature a few twists and turns; tweaks that make the desserts all the more special. 

Now this is what I call red velvet. Yum! This would have ended up in my tummy but I had already chosen another dessert. Oh well, it looks like another visit to B&P is in order! 

Complimentary samples: Mango mousse on a coconut sponge. 

The mango and coconut combination is often celebrated in Asian desserts and so that’s where my mind was transported as soon as I took one bite. The sponge possessed coconut pieces and resulted in a rougher texture that contrasted with the delightfully fluffy mango mousse. Light, not overly sweet and very enjoyable. 

Even their takeaway packaging seemed to be on a level of their own! and I each selected one dessert to take away, which is the only option since there are no seats within the establishment. For most of you who can’t wait to tuck into your purchases, like us, there is a food court area located right across the road at the plaza. 

Explosive milk chocolate & raspberry - milk chocolate and raspberry mousse, exaggerated raspberry cream, milk chocolate Sacher sponge, fresh raspberry compote, chocolate royal biscuit, raspberry marshmallow, chocolate coated pop rocks and mirror chocolate glaze. 

When I first laid eyes on this dessert, I was wowed by the layers and elements. When I next laid eyes on the description (somewhat like a list of ingredients), the wow factor became magnified. The ball of velvety smooth mousse was made of the finest chocolate with a slight twinge of bitterness. After digging deeper into the layers, a pop rock sensation along with a mash up of strawberry marshmallowy mousse, powdery chocolate and sour-sweet berry was encountered. Every bite was an adventure, with the fun nearing an end when the spoon hits the bottom of the plastic cup. 

Salted caramel & chocolate eclair - chocolate choux pastry, salted caramel cream, dark chocolate and gold crusted Murray River sea salt. 

I was bracing myself for the overwhelming sweetness that comes hand in hand with caramel but it never came. The saltiness of the cream instead replaced the usual sweetness. Even lacking its usual sweetness, the caramel still dominated the overall dessert. The chocolate presence seemed to pale in comparison! The cream was surprisingly light and creamy, as though magic was used to convert the caramel to a cream form! 

A visit to B&P has been a year in the making, resulting in much anticipation and excitement leading up to this visit. And despite the high expectations, there was no disappointment. Given the number of desserts that I didn’t get to try and the frequently changing menu, a future visit is imminent. Make that plural. 

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Burch & Purchese

647 Chapel St,

South Yarra, Victoria, 3141. 

(03) 9827 7060