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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ 7 & 7 

After what I liked to think of as a one hour preemptive calorie burn at the Carnegie gym, thehouseofem and I wandered downstairs for some dinner. Greeted with the tantalising aromas of grilled meats from across the road, we decided to pop into 7 & 7 for some meaty Korean BBQ action. 

The venue was surprisingly busy at 8.30PM but we managed to snag one of two remaining tables. 

Beef (250g) and Pork (250g).

We ordered the 7 & 7 Chef’s Special with two serves of meat (at least two must be ordered), choosing from a selection of beef, pork, roast duck, king prawn and scallops. 6 complimentary side dishes, lettuce, onion and garlic were also included.  

Our 6 complimentary side dishes. 

We don’t need no man to do the cooking! Although…

…we might not have done the greatest job, because Mrs 7 & 7 (possibly one of the owners or perhaps just in charge?) soon took over as chef/ BBQ-er. She divided her time between all the tables and so when we were left to our own devices, we accidentally let the beef cook for a bit too long. 

I’m very picky when it comes to the red meats and the quality of the beef that we were served wasn’t well-suited for my taste buds. The beef flavour was quite prominent and while the addition of chilli sauce did help counter the flavour, it did not prevent the lingering taste left behind. The meat was quite tender but a little too chewy. 

Nommmmm… The pork was quite crisp and cooked for the right amount of time thanks to Mrs 7 & 7. The fatty portions seemed to explode with sesame oil flavour and together with the salted meat yielded one tasty combination that will leave you craving more. A few pieces of pork possessed subtle traces of beef flavouring but an additional slathering of sesame oil eliminated this minor issue. Yep, bye bye hard work at the gym! 

Chicken hot platter - stir fried chicken with chilli sauce. 

The chicken was another great dish. It was served cooked and sizzling on a hot plate. The texture of the perfectly cooked chicken was very tender and to such an extent that it almost silky. What cemented its status as a mighty fine dish was the perfect balance of sweet sesame to spicy flavouring. 

You know you’re in a Korean restaurant when your table ends up covered in dishes. 

Green tea ice cream

Some dessert to end our dinner with a side of…


I’ve never eaten Korean BBQ outside of a 5km radius from the CBD but for a suburban area, 7 & 7 does it very well; good news for east siders who can’t be bothered driving all the way to the city for KBBQ. Given the number of times I find myself in Carnegie, a return visit in future is most definitely in the books. 

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7 & 7

21 Koornang Rd,

Carnegie, Victoria, 3163

(03) 9572 4711