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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ TUTTO Premium Frozen Yoghurt & Desserts

Harboring some intense cravings for red velvet cake after dinner one night on Lygon St, the goose and I, dragging Chugasm along, went in search for some cake. At 8.30pm on a non-Friday/non-Saturday night, things looked bleak but then we stumbled across Tutto Premium Frozen Yoghurt & Desserts. Side note, what a mouthful to say!  

From afar, the bright lights of the interior beckoned and drew us in like moths to a light. 

It was the lights that lured us in but it was the colourful and tasty display of baked goods that sealed the deal. Macarons, cupcakes AND frozen yoghurt! 

Frozen yoghurt toppings. Yum! 

We were on a mission to get cake and so the frozen yoghurt was ignored. For now anyway. Seeing as the place is quite close to uni, I will definitely return for the frozen yoghurt some other time. 

Huzzah for cake!

They were out of the larger sized red velvet cupcake, so the goose and I decided to split the $8-for-4-mini-cupcakes deal. A little bit steep for cake but hey, it did the trick when it came down to satisfying our cake cravings. 

I opted for the strawberry and chocolate flavours. The chocolate was quite standard but the strawberry cupcake was very enjoyable. The strawberry flavour was oozing, from the creamiest topping down to the strawberry pieces embedded in the cake. The two cupcakes weren’t very moist but I wasn’t too fussed since given the late night, they most likely weren’t fresh out of the oven.

While the desserts on offer at Tutto PFYD seem no different to the cupcakes/macarons/frozen yoghurt available at various places in the city, the great proximity to uni and late opening hours make TUTTO PFYD one dessertery that I, a 9am-5pm uni student, will keep visiting in future.  

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TUTTO Premium Frozen Yoghurt & Desserts

81 Grattan St,

Carlton, Victoria, 3053.

(03) 9348 2148