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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Two Birds One Stone

Welcome back to who has recently returned from an overseas holiday. We marked her return by doing what we love to do - embarking on our next food adventure, this time at Two Birds One Stone. 

As with other popular brunch destinations, the venue was packed to the brim by the time we had arrived at 10.30am. Not only were most of the seats taken but there were AT LEAST 20 people standing around waiting for a table. Even the outside spots were taken up by those willing to brave the cold weather (that’s my cue to insert a long winded rant about the ridiculously cold weather we’re experiencing for mid Spring but I shall refrain…) We put our names down and a surprisingly quick 15 minutes later, we were seated. Psst, it’s much easier to score a table if you’re in smaller groups… two seems to be the magical number! 

The interior sports a cream and woody decor scheme, which appears to be trending all around Melbourne. And why not when it gives such a pretty and ethereal vibe? Two Birds One Stone does it particularly well with the varied cream-based textures and lighter wooden tones, with the contrast between both emphasized drastically by the provision of natural lighting. Random bursts of colour and freshness comes from the various flower displays.  

Organic pear and apple juice, and an OJ. 

Two birds - eggs, bacon, tomato, pork chili & fennel sausage, mushrooms, spinach & tomato relish. 

Their version of a big breakfast. And big it was! No complaints were heard from Jma so I’m assuming it was tasty. I tried a bite of the sausage and thought the subtle spice and fennel provided some oomph to what would have tasted like ordinary sausage. 

Roasted field mushrooms, toasted house made brioche, Meredith feta & watercress. 

Mushroom fans rejoice. This is one dish that will completely satisfy those mushroom cravings. Perhaps even, dare I say it, border on a mushroom overdose. These were some great quality mushrooms: juicy and with a firm bouncy spring. The natural flavours from the mushrooms were enhanced through a stark contrast with the salty and spreadable feta. A little goes a long way in this case, with the tiniest amount of feta providing enough flavour for the mushrooms and the somewhat plain but perfect in texture thick and buttery brioche bread. I also ordered a poached egg; it was perfectly cooked with the yolk oozing out as soon as the egg white was pierced. 

Deja vu seemed to be the theme with much of the experience and the flavours being very similar to the brunch experience at other restaurants. Although the reason for that could be because I keep ordering similar dishes! It’s not too hard to see why there is much hype surrounding Two Birds One Stone and it’s worth visiting if you live close or happen to be within the vicinity. 

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Two Birds One Stone

12 Claremont St,

South Yarra, Victoria, 3141.

(03) 9827 1228