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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Ajitoya

Tucked away in a quiet street of Seddon is Ajitoya, which adds to the growing list of Japanese dining available in the western suburbs. Whilst tossing up between the usual Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine on offer from Footscray, J and I decided to go in a different direction and opt for Japanese at Ajitoya. 

Miso soup.

The usual MSG fare, with fresh cooked veggies and spring onion to garnish. 

Prawn gyoza - Japanese dumplings with prawn and vege filling.

The arrival of our entree got our stomachs rumbling and lucky for us, the gyoza tasted as great as they appeared. One side was soft and delicate, while the other side was crisp from being pan fried. The accompanying spring onions and vinegary sauce worked well with the prawn and cabbage filling. 

Tempura set - crispy tempura prawn, white fish & vegies. 

The tempura was standard. I thought the green tea salt was quite salty; even the faintest contact appeared to douse the crisp tempura batter with saltiness. The chicken salad looked harmless enough but actually packed a potent wasabi punch of flavour. Approach the salad with caution if you can’t normally handle wasabi. 

Foxy moon udon noodles - fried sweet tofu, poached egg, wakame (type of seaweed), with thick udon noodles in a hot sweet soupy broth, with shichimi spice on the side. 

J seemed quite happy with his udon noodles. No complaints were heard, so that’s always a good sign. 

Seating is extremely limited at Ajitoya so there is a very good chance you will need to wait or order takeaway if you turn up without a booking. Being someone who decided to wait for a seat, I can say that the more-than-decent and authentic-tasting food made the wait worthwhile!  

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82 Charles St,

Seddon, Victoria, 3011.

(03) 9687 1027