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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Huff Bagelry

Since thehouseofem’s move to Carnegie, a visit will almost always go hand in hand with an eating adventure of some sort. These adventures are plentiful as there appears to be no end to the number of restaurants in Carnegie (not to mention the surrounding suburbs). I ain’t complaining! One Sunday morning, we found ourselves at Huff Bagelry for a bagel breakfast. 

So many bagels and so many people! 

I’ve returned to Huff Bagelry on a few occasions and it seems that this is where you’ll find the whole of Carnegie’s population on a Sunday morning. The tables are full and there’s plenty of people milling around waiting for their order to go. 

Coffee and hot chocolate. 

Bagel toppings and various homemade cupcakes. 

If you find yourself watching the bagel assembly process, you will notice that they are very GENEROUS with their toppings. 

Scrambled free range eggs on a toasted bagel, with salmon. 

Pamoola and thehouseofem ordered the salmon bagel dish (poppyseed bagel and plain bagel) and both enjoyed the fluffy scrambled eggs and fresh salmon. I tried a bite of Pamoola’s plain bagel with a little butter and thought the flavours were somewhat similar to a croissant. 

Summer breakky bagel - with ham, hollandaise sauce and avocado. 

There were elements in this dish that took my palate for an Eggs Benedict-like ride and just as many elements that made it distinct. Let’s start with the most important element: the bagel itself. It was perfectly-toasted to provide a crispy crunch on the outside and the inside was contrastingly soft and not at all too dense. Judging from the thickness of the filling and the amount of smearing I had all over my fingers when I initially picked it up, I thought the amount of filling was too generous. BUT upon sinking my teeth into this big mama of a bagel, I decided the portions were quite well-balanced with one another.  

After finishing one half, I stared at the remaining half thinking about how I didn’t want the taste to end. But then I ate it anyway, chewing just a little bit slower to savour the flavours for longer…

Pizza bagel. 

Just like a cheese and bacon bread roll, minus the bacon bits and on top of a bagel instead. 

On another visit, we were unable to secure a table and opted for takeaway. 

Chicken aioli bagel - with avocado & lettuce. 

Chicken schnitzel bagel - with cheese, red pesto, rocket & mayo. 

Just like how a watched pot never boils, standing around whilst waiting for our takeaway order and watching them assemble bagel after bagel without calling our names really highlighted Huff Bagel’s popularity. We finally received our order 20 minutes later and polished off the bagels within 10. Given how hungry I felt, I forgot to take notes but both chicken selections were tasty! 

The first time I had ever tried a bagel was back in the later years of high school, after watching too many episodes of The OC. It was a plain old bagel, warm and toasted, with a generous layer of cream cheese, and it was from that first bite that I fell for the donut-like piece of bread. But it wasn’t until trying the bagels at Huff Bagelry that I realised I had been missing out on something more. On a level of their own, the bagels and the tasty assortment of toppings at Huff Bagelry are bound to satisfy your cravings. Temporarily. And then leave you wanting to come back for more. 

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Huff Bagelry

112 Koornang Rd,

Carnegie, Victoria, 3163. 

(03) 9568 3866