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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Chef Lagenda

Situated not too far from the popular Laksa King in Flemington is Chef Lagenda; it’s a restaurant that many turn to when faced with the long queues at the former. BUT more often than not, there is also a huge demand for a table at the seemingly equally-popular Chef Lagenda. Susper and I tried our luck one night and found ourselves seated outdoors in the well-insulated and -heated rooftop area. 

A cup of warm tea to kick start our meal. 

Fried crispy tofu with chilli lime sauce. 

The chilli lime sauce gave the crispy tofu pieces a Thai sort of edge but they were otherwise quite standard. 

Vegetarian curry laksa - mixed noodles with mixed green vegetables. 

Most of the mains at Chef Lagenda (the ones we spied being brought to other tables and the ones we had ordered) were quite generously-sized but the laksas were in a league of their own. HUGE! After tasting a spoonful of Susper’s laksa, I had to double check that we weren’t actually at Laksa King… I was wowed by the taste; the soup was very creamy and coconut-y with the perfect amount of spice that left a faint, non-irritating tickle at the back of the throat. The laksa should come with a warning: tasty to the point of a possible addiction. Even after giving up on finishing my own dish, my spoon kept reaching in for more laksa soup! 

Fried koay teow - fried rice noodles, shrimp, fish cake, chinese sausage & chilli. 

Whenever the words fried koay teow pop up on a menu, my mind will instantly skip to the next selection. In my mind, the dish is synonymous with boring. HOWEVER, in the process of skipping over the fried rice noodles, my eyes latched onto the words chinese sausage. Thanks to not eating it in quite some time, this marked the beginning of a craving and ordering a dish with lap cheong in it was a must! Good thing too, because Chef Lagenda’s take on fried koay teow was another winning dish! As the distinctive darker colouring on the noodles hinted at, the flavours were quite enhanced but overall wasn’t too salty. I enjoyed the huge egg clumps that were frequently encountered and the dish definitely fixed my chinese sausage craving. The dish was perhaps a little on the oily side but frequent sips of tea helped. 

I used to be a fool for thinking that Chef Lagenda was a ‘consolation prize’ for those missing out on Laksa King… How wrong I was! Great laksa and great fried koay teow?! Going by probability, the rest of their menu must also be pretty tasty. It’s a good thing another Chef Lagenda has popped up closer to home! 

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Chef Lagenda

16 Pin Oak Crescent,

Flemington, Victoria, 3031.

(03) 9376 2668