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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Little Creatures Dining Hall

If you have ever parked on Grattan Street at 6pm on a Friday evening, you will know of the horrors that traffic brings. Our stomaches grumbling in earnest and faced with a stream of traffic heading in BOTH directions on Grattan St, J and myself decided to fight our way through a shorter distance of traffic and try Little Creatures Dining Hall in Fitzroy. 

Now this is what you call a converted warehouse space! The name should have given it away but I was still gobsmacked by the sheer size of the place, setting in as soon as I stepped foot through the doors. The vast and expansive interior sported a mishmash of table settings: booths, tables that sit you high up from the ground, normal tables and a bar area. On a Friday night, the music was pumped up and rivalled the sounds of chatter from the crowd. Little Creatures Dining Hall is as much a bar/chill spot as it is a restaurant. And a kid-friendly restaurant to boot, with a children’s play area. 

Views of the open kitchen. 

Service was very punctual and efficient; a remarkable trait considering the number of tables and diners! The food started to come out within 10 minutes after ordering. 

Fresh cut chips, garlic aioli. 

The chips, a fatter version of fries, were perfectly salted on top but became progressively saltier as we munched our way towards the bottom. The creamy garlic aioli was bursting with garlic flavour and made one perfect companion for the chips. 

Hummus, dukkah, flat bread. 

Burnt bread: not a good look and not a great taste. Some parts of the freshly-toasted flat bread were edible and served as a great stomach filler. The dukkah provided an oaky taste to the hummus. 

Cheese & bacon croquettes. 

The crumbed layer was crisp and the cheese+bacon flavour emanated throughout the soft, mashed potato interior. The taste was a familiar one that got the wheels in my head turning until it finally dawned on my taste buds: QUICHE LORRAINE! This was very much a pastry-less version quiche lorraine disguised as a croquette.  

Grilled chorizo. 

The chorizos were quite ordinary and probably something I would not order again. I personally felt it was too much chorizo for one sitting, especially when being eaten on its own. Fortunately, we were able to pair the chorizo pieces with the pizza we ordered… 

Spiced meatball pizza - with tomato, oregano & mozzarella. (and let’s not forget the chorizo!)

The spiced meat ball pizza exuded yet another familiar flavour… The texture and flavour of the oozing, stringy melted mozzarella cheese hit quite close to béchamel sauce and combined with the oregano and mince, the dish was just a few lasagne sheets short of being a lasagne on top of a pizza base.

It’s taken a while but I can now report that I have finally taken J to a restaurant that he was happy with. ‘Real’ food in a lively and buzzing setting at a decent cost. And hey, in the time that it took for us to get to Fitzroy+park+order+eat+leave, we probably would have been still stuck in traffic if we had opted to go home instead. Win! 

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Little Creatures Dining Hall

222 Brunswick St,

Fitzroy, Victoria, 3065.

(03) 9417 5500