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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Jus Burgers

There is a new west-sider in town and it goes by the name of Jus Burgers. Hailing all the way from Perth, Jus Burgers fits right in with Melbourne’s burger scene and looks like it may very well be the first of more to come.

Their story. 

We were a little disappointed to see all the tables full and thought that we had to brave the wintery cold on one of the few remaining tables located outside. Fortunately they had an additional seating area at the back. 

Their random knick knacks and faux grass, in addition to the heating, provided a very cosy feel to the back room.  

Our order number. Cute!

Wagyu beef burger and wasabi mayo - in a meal deal, served with chips, green tomato pickle and spanish slaw. 

Given the similar ingredients, Jus Burger’s wagyu beef burger reminded me of a gourmet version of a Whopper. Some bites possessed more wasabi flavour than others but overall, it was quite subtle. The bread was super crisp and sounded/felt as though I was cutting into a fried donut. A must-order, the slaw was swimming in what appeared to be aioli sauce that added a tremendous oomph to the overall flavour. 

A dissected Wagyu beef burger. 

The vego - a selection of four vegetarian/vegan items. 

Turkish lamb burger - tahini yoghurt & middle eastern slaw. 

Spanish Snag burger - chorizo sausage & sweet red peppers. 

Fish burger - Japanese crumbs, tartare sauce. 

Five in our group, five different burgers and five mmmmmmmmmmmms during and after our meals. Going by our favourable reactions and the more-than-decently-sized crowd on a Sunday night, it appears that Jus Burgers is more than JUS another burger joint (thanks goose!). Their menu is super extensive (over 20 different options and four different veggie ones), which means a return visit or two is definitely in the books.    

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Jus Burgers

364 Chapel St,

South Yarra, Victoria, 3141.

(03) 9827 1318