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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Beatbox Kitchen

It’s been a while since the last thehouseofem+chugasm+susper+myself eating adventure but we found ourselves reunited for a feast of burgers from Beatbox Kitchen, a food truck that usually lurks in the areas around Carlton North and Brunswick East. 

Keep an eye out for a giant beatbox. 

It’s very fitting that the truck itself looked like a giant beatbox. And if memory serves, they do play music!  

Beatbox Kitchen was parked right outside the bar Mr. W and we were allowed to take out burgers and fries inside. Food + warmth = a very happy me! 

Raph burger - 170 grams grass-fed beef, with cos lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion & stereo sauce. 

There was one word that came to mind immediately and continued to do so bite after bite: homey. Just a solid, good-tasting burger that tasted as though it had been whipped up using the freshest ingredients and from home. Perhaps like one of mum’s secret burger recipes? And just like homemade burgers, the good thing about Beatbox Kitchen’s version is that it doesn’t leave you with the urge to go for a run afterwards. Not at all greasy or heavy. 

We also ordered three servings of fries between the four of us. Probably one serving too many because the amounts were quite generous. They offer three different sauces: annie’s homemade relish, spicy tomato relish and stereo sauce (tangy mayo). Annie’s homemade relish possessed a surprising curry-like flavour. It was probably my least favourite among the three options but still not bad. 

Some chilling cold winds were braved in the process of waiting for our order but it was well worth it. And I hear the Shroom burger is EVEN better than the Raph… Call me psychic but I predict another visit to Beatbox Kitchen sometime in the near future!

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Beatbox Kitchen

Location: check their facebook or twitter

(03) 8060 6664