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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Longrain

It’s been on my to-eat list for quite some time but I can finally cross off Longrain. The opportunity to try it out arose a few weeks back when it was my turn to pick a restaurant for dinner with TMF. Bookings for dinner are limited and are only offered for dining parties comprising of 6 or more people. We had our fingers and toes crossed that we would be able to secure a table upon arrival. No luck. A wait of 1.5 hours was anticipated and with our eyes on the time, we left our contact details behind and wandered around to kill time. We received a call that a table was available 20 minutes earlier than planned and promptly returned to the restaurant.

The restaurant was much larger than expected and possessed three different seating areas: a bar, two long tables offering a shared dining experience and individual ‘private’ tables. We were seated at the shared table and while TMF wasn’t a fan of this arrangement, I was overjoyed about the comparatively brighter lighting (for photo snapping) and the opportunity to look at the dishes ordered by other patrons. 

The interior itself was very much old meets new, modern meets classic. The brick walls, concrete ceiling and pillars were a contrast to the swanky decor and dim lights. 

The table setting.

Our feast - we may have gone a little overboard when it came down to ordering. We had assumed that the dishes would be quite small but the large share plates… were very substantial. We should have checked with the waiter. 

Chicken and prawns simmered in coconut cream, with rice cakes and cucumber.

First impression: a very aromatic dish. A potent curry-like aroma was immediately detected as soon as the dish arrived at our table. Taste: the flavours reminded me of a curry laksa salad, with a sharp lemongrass and spiciness that gradually kicked in. The rice cake was very crisp. Bland when eaten solo but worked very well with the salad to help counter the at-times-potent flavouring. The cucumber further helped to balance the spiciness.

Salt & pepper silken tofu with fried eschalots and garlic. 

The tofu dish possessed all the attributes of good tofu: delicate, silky (akin to egg tofu) and with an exterior that tasted like soggy fries (Ok, so that last feature doesn’t sound so great on paper but it was delicious!). 

Eggnet with pork, prawns, peanuts and caramelised coconut, with a cucumber relish. 

As soon as I laid my eyes on this dish, the words egg overdose came to mind. Surprisingly, the egg presence was quite minimal and easily overpowered by the bean shoots. The dressing was slightly sweet and vinegary with strong hints of lemongrass and lemon juice. 

Salad of seared duck breast with pomelo, chilli, tamarind and roasted rice. 

We weren’t the biggest fans of the last dish, although this could have been due to the both of us feeling quite full at this point. The duck was chewy, firm and not as tender as I had expected. Similar to the first dish, this was a sweet salad with the spiciness setting in a few seconds later. The flavouring was quite intense and the dish also possessed a strong mint presence.  

Thai Jasmine white rice. 

In regards to getting to a comfortable level of fullness, the rice shouldn’t have been ordered. BUT despite it being super filling, it was necessary to help break up the intense flavours from the salads and eggnet dish. 

If you’re in search of a place to satisfy your Thai food cravings, then Longrain is the place for you. With the strong Thai presence in most of their dishes (lemongrass and spiciness), you’re bound to walk away completely satisfied. 

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44 Little Bourke St,

Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.

(03) 9671 3151