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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ The Railway Club Hotel

What is the first thing that should theoretically come to mind after running 14.6km? Food. Being able to eat however much food you wanted AND whatever you wanted thanks to that massive preemptive calorie burn and the metabolism that’s in overdrive mode. What actually did come to mind after a 14.6km was something along the lines of: Wow… did I just run 14.6km? I can’t believed I finished. Damn my legs are sore. Tired… Mmmm, a bed would be nice right about now. Not a single thought of food crossed my mind until we were back at Chugasm’s apartment. By this point my stomach was craving for some food but even still, the thought of rest seemed more tempting. But given that mine wasn’t the only hungry stomach in the room, we headed out for lunch at The Railway Club Hotel. 

Located away from the bustling main streets of Port Melbourne’s dining scene, The Railway Club Hotel is located on a quiet suburban street adjacent to a light rail track, hence the name of the venue I’m guessing. 

The restaurant sported an interior that was very similar to the common area of a cosy ski lodge or cottage. They even had a fireplace! The lush royal red carpeting was a stark contrast to the bricked walls and wood pieces ie. stairs and the partial room divider. 

The table setting. Getting our fancy dining on for lunch (whilst in gym wear haha!)

The cuts of beef on display. 

First thing on our agenda: order french fries! During the months leading up to the run, a number of things had been put on a do-not-eat-list and french fries were included. I was definitely craving them now. The serving here was quite large and great for sharing. It gave us something to munch on during what was at least a 30 minute wait on our food. 

Crispy soft shell crab - with lime and pepper dipping sauce. 

Perfectly prepped and cooked, with the right amount of crunch and crispiness. The shell was very soft and mostly blended in with the crab meat itself. The flavours were quite light and helped to balance with the battered texture of the crab without taking away too much focus.  

Fresh salt and pepper calamari - with a rocket and fennel salad and lemon aioli. 

The crispy batter on the calamari was so fine that it was difficult to make out where one started and the other ended. The calamari itself tasted quite fresh and firm, with a twinge of chewiness. When eaten with the lemon aioli, the salt and pepper seasoning added some oomph to the creaminess and slight tanginess of the lemon aioli. 

300g Porterhouse steak - with brandy peppercorn sauce. 

Packs a mean peppery punch. 

Garlic butter and … blue cheese sauce (that’s my cue to pull a face)

I tried a dab of the garlic butter and it was insanely delicious. 

Rissoles & housemade bacon. 

With almost everyone else opting for steaks, I decided to veer off in a slightly different direction and ordered the rissoles. Strangely enough, the rissoles ended up tasting quite similar to a steak with some resemblance to a burger patty. The only difference was that the rissoles could be eaten with a ‘butter’ knife and no steak knife was necessary. The mashed potatoes were paradoxically dense and compact with a very light and fluffy texture. The caramelised onions were quite flavoursome and its potent flavour stood out significantly. Perhaps a little misplaced and better in say, a burger, where there are other ingredients to help balance out the sweetness. 

When it comes to places to eat, Chugasm has great taste and The Railway Club Hotel was yet another tasty suggestion put forward by the Chugasm. Word of warning: it may have just been the tiredness I felt due to the run but I like to think that the cosy vibe and tasty+filling menu selections were partially responsible for the food coma that came afterwards…

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The Railway Club Hotel

107 Raglan St,

Port Melbourne, Victoria, 3207.

(03) 9645 1661