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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ The Banff

It has been almost a year since our palates were first open to the cheap and delicious wonders that lie inside The Banff, thanks to Susper’s nifty Cheap Eats guide. Much can change for a restaurant in a year but it was comforting to see that not much had changed at The Banff since our last encounter. Their food remains cheap and tasty. 

The interior looked very much like a bar setting, with a number of patrons sporting a pizza alongside their beers and/or wines. The majority appeared to be here just for the food. Then again, we did arrive when it was still light out so that might explain why the drinks weren’t flowing. 

Salted caramel macaron & strawberry macaron. 

I spied some macarons on the counter whilst putting in our order and decided to grab two for thehouseofem and myself. Not bad. The shells were a little thick but remained delicate and chewy. Both flavours were spot on. 

Strawberry macaron. 

Roasted garlic, rock salt & olive oil in house pizza. 

Our entree selection was essentially a pizza version of garlic bread. Less buttery, more cheesy and with a stronger herbed flavour. I’d like to think that the less buttery part equated to a healthier alternative to garlic bread perhaps? Perhaps…

The base was quite firm, the crust was crunchy and the centre a tad softened and gooey from the cheesy layer. This is one dish that must be consumed as soon as possible to avoid the hardening of the cheese and the dulling of flavours. Nobody enjoys pizza with a cardboard-like texture. 

Moroccan lamb, with mint yoghurt. 

I’m betting that the Moroccan lamb pizza is good because thehouseofem had also ordered this same dish on our last visit. 

Penne amatriciana with chilli paper pasta. 

In hindsight, it probably would have been a good idea to ask for the entree pizza to be brought out first before our mains. Their paper pasta is another dish that is best eaten whilst piping hot. As mentioned above, we went for our entree garlic pizza first and so by the time I got around to starting on the pasta, the abundance of condensation that had settled on the paper was an instant tell-tale sign that it had been left for far too long. Tasting it confirmed this as the pasta was barely warm. 

The first few bites tasted a little bland and resulted in a thorough dousing of pepper. Not wise on my part. Every subsequent bite became progressively spicier and I wasn’t sure if this was due to my overeagerness with the pepper shaker or because the sauce possessed a natural subtle and spice that became compounded with each bite. Either way, the pasta could no longer be classified as bland and the tomato-some flavour combined with the complimentary spice had me tossing up between reaching for the water glass and savouring the flavours. What would have made the dish more enjoyable is if it had been hot (temperature and not spice) but that’s something that was overlooked on my part. 

Take two was just as enjoyable as the first time and here’s hoping the next visit will be less than a year away! 

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The Banff

145 Fitzroy St,

St Kilda, Victoria, 3182.

(03) 9525 3899