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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Auntie’s Dumpling Restaurant

It’s official. Congratulations to thehouseofem on taking her first steps into the world of adulthood: moving into her own BOUGHT property! On another note, with new territory comes new food adventures and there’s definitely plenty around the Carnegie area! 

Our first of what I expect to be many meals in the Carnegie area took place at Auntie’s Dumpling Restaurant. We (thehouseofem, Wfred, myself and later on, pamoola) came at a great time, swooping in on the last table available. 

The interior of the restaurant looked like something out of China and conveys an emphasis of the food rather than the surroundings. 

Some tea to warm ourselves up on a more winter-than-autumn cold night. 

Thehouseofem’s Hot & sour soup. 

THOE’s verdit: it hits the spot after being in the cold but it could be more spicy and more sour. 

Spring onion pancake. 

At first glance, the pancake didn’t look too appetising with its thickness and “dull colouring”. My initial impression was knocked out of the window and into the cold as soon as I had my first taste. Compared to other spring onion pancakes, Auntie’s version was thicker but also more crisp and this resulted in a perfect thickness to crispness ratio. The thickness does come from the use of extra flour and so the flavours were a little on the blander side. But along came the soy sauce and we had ourselves one fantastic-tasting spring onion pancake. 

Fried pork dumplings. 

The extra thickness we saw in the spring onion pancakes also seemed to present as a common theme in the dumplings. I prefer dumpling wrappers to be a little less doughy and so this placed a little damper on my Auntie’s Dumpling dining experience (again, this is just my personal preference). Auntie’s formula for fried pork dumplings stuck to the traditional recipe and were perfectly crisp with a great taste coming from the tender and finely minced pork, subtle ginger flavour, and generous addition of chives.  

Boiled chicken & prawn dumplings. 

The seasoning and flavours in the chicken & prawn were quite light and comes across as bland after tasting the other dumplings (all of which had chives in them!). The chicken was finely minced and the prawn pieces were unevenly distributed throughout the mince ie. some dumplings had more prawn bits than others. 

Chili oil dumplings in soup. 

Dumplings, check. Soup, check. Oil, check. Oil, check again (so much oil…) Chilli? Nada. This was my least favourite dish on the night. The soup was too oily and any spiciness if present was virtually undetectable. The dumplings in dish were exactly the same as the fried pork dumplings, except not fried. The dumpling wrappers seemed much thicker in this dish thanks to the dumplings being soaked in the soup. 

While it is a sit down, food comes, eat fast and get out sort of restaurant, given the queue that does accumulate, it can still be a bit of a wait. Towards the end of our meal, the queue had extended to outside of the restaurant (most definitely not fun in the freezing cold!). Aside from the spring onion pancakes and the fried pork dumplings, the rest of the food at Auntie’s seemed mediocre at best. Good if you’re needing a quick dumpling fix! 

Congratulations again homeowner! Here’s to many more Carnegie eating adventures. 

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Auntie’s Dumpling Restaurant

68 Koornang Rd,

Carnegie, Victoria, 3163

(03) 9568 6641