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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Tokyo Teppanyaki

To all the Himym fans reading this, there was no sneezing that took place before deciding to go to Tokyo Teppanyaki. Prior to this, I had never experienced teppanyaki dining before and after seeing glimpses on tv shows like The Office and Himym, I was quite excited by the meal ahead. 

By this point I could hardly contain my excitement…

Upon entering the venue, we were greeted with an actual bridge! It’s not something that I have encountered before in a restaurant and I was wowed by its presence. 

Views of the interior. 

The wooden walls and decor typical for an outdoor garden provided a very nice Japanese touch to the restaurant’s interior. It definitely added to the authenticity of the overall dining experience. 

Clean plate, empty seats and clean grill. 

Green tea. 

Notice the candle underneath that keeps the tea warm throughout the meal? Simple but effective. Again, I was fairly amused by the novelty. 

Some pickled bean shoots and carrots to start. The flavour was quite strong and would have easily became sickening if you ate too much of it but I guess that’s why it was given in such a small dose. 

Sushi and sashimi.

Pamoola, chugasm and thehouseofem all opted for the raw fish option. Thehouseofem mentioned that it was fresh and enjoyable. 

Spring roll and chicken skewer. 

No raw fish for me please. The spring roll was very crisp and tasty (especially with the mayonnaise) but unfortunately the same could not be said for the chicken. The chicken was cold, the taste was bland and the only distinctive flavour that could be detected was burnt charcoal. Perhaps I should have tried my luck with raw fish instead…

That’s either some translucent-looking mayonnaise or very old mayonnaise. Hopefully just the former… 

Miso soup. 

GREAT miso soup. The flavours were light and the MSG taste was virtually non-existent. 


Soon after our entrees of spring rolls, sushi/sashimi and shabby skewers, we met the chef who was assigned to our table. His name was Mike and this was apparently his first time. He did good! 

We were all watching in awe as the chef proceeded to devein, de-head and cut the prawns into bite sized pieces in under 10 seconds! That’s some crazy mad skills…

Crazy mad skills! So nimble and quick that the chef’s actions could not even be caught on camera! 

Lamb cutlets - The lamb was very tender and the grilled flavour combined with the herb butter was sure tasty. However it wasn’t enough to mask the potent lamb after taste and unfortunately I couldn’t eat any more. 

Scallops - HUGE! I don’t think I’ve seen them so big before… 

Prawns with garlic herb butter and natural prawn crackers. 

The prawns were very fresh and even minus the shells, possessed a very crisp exterior. The garlic taste in the butter was subtle but effective. They provided a lemon soy sauce to pair with the seafood options. The prawns on their own tasted great but with the lemon soy sauce, sublime. It was odd to be eating prawn heads but the deep fried prawn heads were indeed very similar to prawn crackers. 

Kobe beef steaks with garlic herb butter. 

With the garlic herb butter and seared+crisp outside, the beef tasted virtually similar to the lamb cutlets but minus that lamb aftertaste. The pieces were also surprisingly tender and much easier to chew than the typical steak (although I do eat mine medium/well done) The only downside was that there wasn’t enough! I would have happily eaten more. 

Chicken and a whole heap of bean shoots+veggies. 

Not how I usually fry my eggs. Some mad skills were then used to cut up the egg into tiny pieces. Two thirds were reserved for the fried rice while the other third was used for throwing at people. I was sitting right at the edge of the table so that unfortunately meant playing the role of the guinea pig. It turns out I’m not good at catching the egg with my mouth after all. The first piece hit my face, the second narrowly missed my hair and the third finally made it into my mouth… SCORCHING HOT. I don’t deal well with heat! 

The makings of fried rice. 

The final product. 

Here I played the guinea pig yet again. We had bowls thrown at us and our aim was to catch the bowls with the previous caught bowls (like in the photo) The final bowl was one that was filled with rice so if you were going to drop/miss a bowl, you wouldn’t want it to be the last one… I failed at this also and the bowl of rice landed squarely in my lap. Thankfully I had the napkin over my lap. Almost everyone else on the table was able to catch that last bowl, which made me feel even more hopeless. 

I thought I’d tie up this post with a quote from Chugasm:

"Teppanyaki? More like Teppanyummy!"

Aside from a few items, I couldn’t agree more and I’m already looking forward to the next teppanyaki experience. In addition to the great tasting foods, there is also the added bonus of experiencing the theatrics and “audience participation” that don’t come with other dining styles. 

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Tokyo Teppanyaki

536 Chapel St,

South Yarra, Victoria, 3141

(03) 9826 2375