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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ The Baths Middle Brighton

This post marks a first of what I hope won’t be many. Prior to eating at The Baths Middle Brighton, the number of negative dining experiences that I had encountered was close to nada, if not nada. I’ve certainly been to restaurants where the quality of the food was mediocre but even then I had always walked away with a full stomach. And I was far from cranky. Not the case here. Back to the beginning of this story… Once upon a summer’s day, thehouseofem, susper, fred and I found ourselves hungry in a foreign land: Brighton Beach. We had hoped to stumble across a fish and chips eatery but after a 10 minute walk in somewhat sweltering heat, we called it quits and settled for The Baths Middle Brighton. 

So perhaps it wasn’t all negative. They did have a nice view of the beach. BUT the excellent views only served to heighten our expectations. 

The interior.

Apparently it takes 20 minutes to pour some juice/soft drink into a glass. Correction, four glasses. But at an average rate of 5 minutes per glass, that’s still pretty slow. On a warm day AND with NO table water, we weren’t impressed. 

The food took even longer. It would have been almost an hour after placing our order that the food finally came out. With the ocean so close, I could’ve gone out, caught our own seafood and cooked it in the same amount of time that it took for them to serve our food. Ridiculous! 

Little Creatures beer battered fish and chips.

We had come all this way in search of fish and chips, so one of us had to order it. It ended up tasting no different to regular fish and chips, with the only difference being the hike in price. 

The Baths Wagyu burger with fries.

The burger was surprisingly tasty. The bread was quite sweet and very similar to the Big Mac buns from Mc Donalds. The beef pattie was quite thick, juicy and packed with quite a lot of herbed flavours. The serving of fries was very generous. 

Sauteed prawn linguini, spinach, cherry tomatoes and soft herbs.

Starving after the long wait for our food, anything would have tasted like a scrumptious feast right? Not quite. Which was surprising considering the description for the dish had sounded great. The dish itself when finally served looked great. It just did not taste great. The flavours were very bland and almost as if to compensate for the lack of flavours, the dish had been bombarded with oil. Much pepper-adding and oil-smearing against the oil-free regions of the plate had to be performed in order to eat the dish. 

At the conclusion of our meals, paying took much longer than anticipated. To be a little fair, the person behind the counter was occupied with another couple’s order/enquiry. We stood around waiting for someone else to come along and take our money so that we could leave ASAP. We waited for a good 5 minutes before fed up, I accidentally muttered in a voice louder than intended to thehouseofem, “this is ridiculous.” ONLY THEN did the maitre d’ walk around the counter to process our payment. If we didn’t get the point earlier, then it was clear by this stage that service at the restaurant was non-existent. The food was not that great and far from compensates for the horrendous service. It’s safe to assume that I definitely will not be stepping foot into this restaurant again. Good riddance. 

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The Baths Middle Brighton

251 Esplanade,

Brighton, Victoria, 3186