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Gastronomical ramblings

Food adventure @ Thai Deli

The next instalment of the thehouseofchumagsusp (thehouseofem+chugasm+yours truly+ susper) takes place at Thai Deli. According to thehouseofem, Thai people from all over Melbourne travel far and wide just to come here. Considering the abundance of Thai restaurants around Melbourne, this really speaks volumes for the quality of the food. 

The interior was very colourful and looked as though the owners had just tried to throw in as much colour into the room as possible. The decor, chairs, tables, ceiling fans and even utensils screamed authentic Asian restaurant. And despite the fans whirring around at possibly full speed, it still felt very warm inside. It was as though I had stepped foot into a restaurant in Vietnam! I haven’t been to Thailand yet but I can imagine that some of the restaurants there would no doubt look similar. I quite liked the lack of “gimmicks” in the interior because I thought that placed more emphasis on their food. 

Beef salad. 

I tried a little bit of this dish and thought the texture and taste of the beef reminded me of the Vietnamese BBQ/grilled meats you buy during the Lunar New Year festivals. The beef was very tender and the grilled and sort of savoury-sweet flavouring was nice to eat with the salad. It would have also been great to eat with rice! 

BBQ duck salad. 

The duck meat was similar to the beef in that it was very tender and not gamy. 

Prawn Tom Yum soup. 

The tom yum soup was very delicious. Typical but with a spicier kick. If it weren’t so hot, I would have ordered it myself and dumped a whole bowl of rice in. Something to consider on a cold winter’s day! 

Vegetarian Pad Thai noodles. 

I seem to have the best luck when it comes to the dishes I order. It was ok. Standard. Interestingly there was a strong peanut flavour despite me not mixing the nuts through. 

Their menu may not be extensive but they appear to cook most of the items very well. It also makes it easier when deciding what to order I suppose. After trying the other dishes aside from my Pad Thai, I think I may have to agree with the general Thai community when they drive so far just to come here. It’s worth it! With the close proximity to Chugasm’s apartment, delicious Thai cuisine and the very friendly service, we will definitely be back! 

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Thai Deli

195 Clarendon St,

South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205.

(03) 9696 6895